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House in the Woods

Enso's Inner House of Business Framework Mastery

Elevate to the Elite:

Navigate change in confidence with Zen simplicity

Magnify Profits. Amplify Impact. Foster Sustainability.

Who is this for

Elevate to Elite

For forward-thinking founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business leaders, aiming to ascend to elite status in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. 

Enso's Inner House of Business Framework is your gateway to top-tier status in your niche industry.

This framework, a cornerstone of Susanna Huang's forthcoming business book "Little Stone Lion," empowers you to build distinguished brands, catalyze growth, streamline operations, and advocate for sustainability. Crafted with Zen simplicity and deep strategic wisdom, it provides a roadmap for not just surviving but thriving in the competitive marketplace.



Author | Speaker | Solar Entrepreneur | Zen-Inspired Business Strategist | Transformational Leader | Published Poet | Happiness Expert | Integrating Eastern Wisdom & Western Innovations I Former Board Member: SunSpec Alliance

  1. Global Management Consulting Experience: Former Accenture Management Consultant, with a vast scope of global consulting experience, demonstrating deep strategic and analytical capabilities across various industries.

  2. Solar Industry Leadership: Successfully scaled a solar consulting business from the ground up into a multi-million-dollar enterprise, reflecting exceptional entrepreneurship and solar market acumen.

  3. Top Industry Recognition: Recognized as a Top 10 Solar Energy Technology Consulting/Services Company in the U.S., showcasing industry leadership and expertise.

  4. Award-Winning Excellence: Recipient of the prestigious EuPD Top Brand PV Inverter Seal in the U.S., highlighting product quality and brand trust within the solar industry.

  5. Bankability Endorsement: Ranked in the Top 10 of BloombergNEF's Bankability Survey for Solar Inverters, affirming financial stability and reliability.

  6. Consistent High Standards: Maintained a BBB A+ rating for Enso Circle Space over multiple years, indicating superior business practices and customer satisfaction.

  7. Leadership in Standards Development: Board Member of SunSpec Alliance, actively contributing to the leadership in global solar data communication standards.

  8. Published Author: Wrote “Little Stone Lion,” a business book blending philosophical depth with practical business tools, demonstrating thought leadership.

  9. Innovative Program Creator: Developed and educates the Enso’s Inner House of Business Framework program, providing strategic insights and tools for business leadership and sustainability.

U.S. Businesses & Past Clients


"Combining skillful storytelling with powerful, practical wisdom, Susanna Huang encourages us to use creativity and innovation to reimagine the business landscape. Little Stone Lion is a powerful guidebook for those committed to leading with purpose and compassion, achieving financial success and nurturing our planet and its resources”.

Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Best Selling Author and the featured teacher at movie The Secret known for Law of Attractions 

Success in navigating the complexities of today’s business world, marked by rapid shifts, the ascent of AI, and global emergency of Climate Change, demands far more than conventional business tactics.

"Business is also an Art.  A Great Brand is a Masterpiece of Art." - Susanna Huang

By embracing holistic Zen-inspired principles, you'll joyfully boost profits, heighten impact, and champion sustainability, positioning yourself as an elite influence within your niche market.

Learning from Susanna Huang

The Enso's Inner House of Business Framework Mastery program is expertly led by Susanna Huang, an award-winning, top-brand, multi-million-dollar solar entrepreneur, and a former Accenture management consultant turned pioneering Zen-inspired Business Strategist. By fusing the similicity principles of Zen with her extensive strategic business expertise, Susanna crafts a transformative path to success for forward-thinking entreprenuers and business leaders.

Enso Circle Space, established in 2011, has achieved the prestigious A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the highest possible assessment. The A+ designation is a significant indicator of Enso Circle Space's dedication to maintaining high standards of trust and customer satisfaction, distinguishing it as a leader in its field.

Susanna Huang is the award-winner of the Open Standards Champion Award from the SunSpec Alliance. It is a prestigious recognition bestowed upon individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions to the advancement of interoperable solar energy systems, marking them as a leader in the quest for a more interoperable and efficient solar ecosystem.


Sunspec award.png

Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Best Selling Author and World Renowned Speaker and Teacher, US

Tyler Kanczuzewski, VP of Sustainability, Top 20 Solar EPC US

Tim Dodovski, CEO & Former Mettler Toledo Colleague, US

Light Program: Moon Creek AM Business Connections

Business Partners Offers
Membership Anchor

Highlight of the Program

01 month Comprehensive Curriculum in Every Key Aspect of Business.

02 40+ Live Classes Over 3 Months. 

03 Be part of Exclusive Community Supporting Each Other.


We know your time is invaluable. That's why the Enso's Inner House of Business Framework Mastery delivers only the essence of business principles, tools and strategies in the shortest time possible, and includes all session recordings.

BONUS: In many cases, after each lesson, teacher will stay back for an additional 15 minutes for an optional Q&A.

Enso's Inner House of Business Framework Mastery starts March 12, 2024.

Program curriculum

Holistic. Private.

  • Part I

Business Framework Overview

This introductory part sets the stage for a transformative journey into the Enso’s Inner House of Business Framework, encapsulating the core philosophy behind integrating Zen-inspired strategies with practical business acumen. Through an overview of the framework, participants are introduced to the holistic approach that will guide them through branding, product development, service excellence, innovative sales, creative marketing, organizational growth, and personal transformation.

  • Part 2

Brand Mastery

Dive deep into the essence of building a brand that resonates and endures through principles like "Flower is Flower, Tree is Tree, for a Brand" and "Great Brands, Monet’s Waterlilies." Discover how every action contributes to brand building, and learn the art of creating a brand that blooms in all seasons.

  • Part 3

Product Innovation

From "Great Products Shine Brand’s Light" to "Product Roadmaps for Future," explore the integration of thoughtful design across service, supply chain, and marketing to create standout products that propel your brand forward.

  • Part 4

Service Excellence

"Service is Sales, in Enso Circles" to "Training as Service, Unexpected" outline the transformation of service into a key business strategy, emphasizing self-service, AI, and service automation for excellence.

  • Part 5

Sales Innovation

With insights from "Sell Values with Courage" to "Many to Many Collaborations," learn fresh perspectives on sales that foster meaningful business partnerships and drive growth, covering, Crafting value-driven sales strategies. Fostering collaborative business partnerships. Adopting a fresh perspective on sales for exponential growth.

  • Part 6

Marketing Creativity

"Marketing is Attraction" and "Enso’s Social Media Solar System" guide you through creating a marketing strategy rooted in your brand’s essence, leveraging various channels for maximum impact.

  • Part 7

Organizational Growth

Organizations are Alive" and "Build Trust: Reliability in 'PCS'" offer strategies for creating a vibrant organization through process mapping, accountability, and cross-functional teamwork, covering Implementing dynamic project strategies for organizational agility. Building reliability through product, company, and service excellence. Fostering a knowledge-sharing organizational culture.

  • Part 8

Personal Transformation

Personal transformation represents a journey towards self-discovery and mastery. By focusing on creating, applying, teaching, and sharing knowledge—symbolized by the acronym "CATS"—this approach fosters a deep understanding of one's unique genius and passions. This transformative process not only enhances personal well-being but also positions business leaders to make a more significant impact in their industries and the world.

  • Part 9

Integration of Business

In this concluding part, we  focus on the artistry of business in Zen simplicity. We explore the dynamic "PRICE" model for value flows within a business, highlighting the importance of fluidity and adaptability in operations. This part emphasizes the new rules of the business world, "U & I," underscoring Uniqueness and Interdependence as critical factors for success in the contemporary landscape. This section guides participants toward integrating holistic principles into actionable strategies, culminating in a roadmap for achieving sustainable growth, innovation, and a top-tier brand presence in your niche market.

Join Now and gain free access to these exclusive bonuses

Bonus #1

Certificate of completion

Earn your certification as a Master of the Zen-Inspired Enso's Inner House of Business Framework. Utilize the prestige of Enso Circle Space to enhance your professional standing and credibility in the business world.

certificate new.png

Bonus #2

Access to All Call Recordings (One-Year Access)

Secure one-year access to the entire library of live call recordings. Whether you're unable to attend a session or wish to review the materials, you'll have uninterrupted access to the recordings for a full year.

Online Workshop

Bonus #3

Your Personalized Action Guides for Practical Application

Receive comprehensive action guides from each session, designed to facilitate your transition from learning to practical application in your business, to support swift and effective application of the concepts discussed.

Standing in Lavender Fields

“A powerful guidebook for those committed to leading with purpose and compassion, achieving financial success and nurturing our planet and its resources” 

Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times Best Seller


“A luminous beacon of holistic, purposeful entrepreneurship - an indispensable read for those bold visionaries intent on making a lasting impact.”
Jan Rippingale, Founder and Solar Business CEO


“Elevates beyond the typical scope of management literature.”
Daniel Leung, OSU Fisher MBA Alumni Board Director

“An innovative exploration of how Zen principles can be applied to the business world.” 
Xuhui Shao, Technology-focused Venture Fund Investor, including Zoom

Green Leaves


Enso's Inner House of Business Framework Mastery will only take 100 people this year. We keep the group small so we can focus more on each person.


Experience it for 7 days without any risk

You're not committing fully just yet. Consider it a tentative YES. Explore the content for 7 days at no risk, starting from the day you buy.

Should you decide it's not for you, self-refund is just a click away. No need for emails, calls, or any fuss. Simply use our Refund Page for an immediate and full refund, no questions asked.

Choose the pathway for you

Concrete Wall


Enso’s Inner House of Business Framework Master for Founders, CEOs and Executives 


30 hours in 3 Months

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Become a Enso’s Inner House of Business Framework Consultant 



40 hours in 3 Months

Buy 1. Get 2.

Choose to invest in Enso’s Inner House of Business Framework  Master for Founders, CEOs and Executives for $15,000 and You’ll get the Consultant (worth $20,000) program included at no extra cost.

Enjoying the Nature

What You'll Receive:

  • Over 40 Weekly Live Zoom Sessions

  • One-Year Access to All Session Recordings

  • Membership in an Exclusive Networking Community

  • Enso's Inner House of Business Framework Master / Consultant Certification

Enso's Inner House of Business Framework Master



Or pay in 3 installations of $3,600 each monthly for
a total of $10,800 >>


For your security, all orders are processed on the secured server powered by Wix.

Join Now and gain free access to additional exclusive bonuses

Additional Bonus #1

Get Early Bird Exclusive Offer $9,999

Be among the first 3 to join and secure your spot in our select group of participants.

Value: $5,000+

Additional Bonus #2

Secure a 30% Exclusive Discount for the Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat from May 2-4, 2024.

This private VIP retreat offers:

  • Personalized mentoring by globally recognized Zen Meditation Masters

  • An intimate business strategy session with Susanna Huang, alongside Marci Shimoff & Khenpo Zen Master

  • A comprehensive approach to Wealth, Health, and Happiness

Value: $6,600+

Additional Bonus #3

Enjoy Complimentary One-Year Subscription to 12 Monthly Webinars by Enso Circle Space

Dive into the latest in business, AI, social media, and more with world-class guest speakers and exclusive sessions on Happy for No Reason program. 

Value: $2,000+

  • Enso's Inner House of Business Framework

    Every month
    3-Month Program. Free cancellation. Prorated Refund.
     14 day free trial
    • Zen-Inspired Business Strategies: Ancient + Modern
    • Sustainable Growth Techniques: Eco-friendly + Long-lasting
    • Holistic Framework Application: Personal values + Biz Goals
    • Innovative Problem-Solving: Complex Business Problems
    • Mindful Leadership Development: Presence + Empathy
    • Strategic Brand Building: Top Brand + Niche Market
    • Simplicity in Complexity: Streamlined + Efficiency
Star Cluster

"Enso Guided Daily Meditation"

Absolutely lovely! I sat at my desk and just experienced your (Enso) guided meditation. Your voice is soothing and little did you know I needed this today! Thank you for such a lovely gift!!  Two thumbs up! 

- Carol Ann Wentworth, CEO I Speaker I Author, Mindful Executive Search

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