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About Us

Enso Circle Space®, located in Dublin, Ohio, is a distinctive boutique management consulting firm established in August 2011. As a woman and minority-owned enterprise, we take great pride in our Better Business Bureau BBB A+ rating, reflecting our commitment to excellence and integrity in all our business dealings. Over the past decade, we have made substantial contributions to the solar industry, significantly influencing the professional lives of thousands of solar industry professionals across the country. Our efforts have been recognized with our designation as one of the top 10 Solar Energy Technology Consulting/Services companies in the United States, marking our expanding influence in the field. Beyond consulting, Enso Circle Space also operates Moon Creek Zen Resort, located at our Dublin headquarters. This resort is a haven for Zen-inspired educational programs and events aimed at promoting purpose-driven initiatives and adopting sustainable practices. Our dedication to nurturing both professional growth and personal well-being, alongside a commitment to environmental sustainability, forms the core of our philosophy at Enso Circle Space, guiding our expansion and future endeavors.

Proud Member of Rotary International, Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Powell Chamber of Commerce and NAWBO Columbus in Ohio.

Management Consulting

Transform your business strategy with Susanna Huang, a distinguished

 management consultant with an extensive tenure at Accenture, complemented by achievements as a solar entrepreneur. With her comprehensive corporate experience and a track record of entrepreneurial success in the renewable energy domain, Susanna offers unparalleled insights that merge the rigor of traditional management consulting with the agility required by today’s sustainability-focused purpose-driven enterprises.

Leveraging her profound expertise in steering large-scale projects for Fortune 500 companies and her pioneering work in the solar industry, Susanna provides not just innovative but also practical solutions tailored to your strategic ambitions. She aims to guide your business towards sustainable practices, drawing upon her vast knowledge of renewable energies and her passion for environmental stewardship.

Elevate your entrepreneurial journey with the Enso's Inner House of Business Framework Coaching Service, personally crafted by Susanna Huang. With an illustrious career as a solar entrepreneur and insights gleaned from leading large-scale projects at Accenture, Susanna offers a distinctive coaching service designed for entrepreneurs aiming to pioneer their niche markets.

Benefit from customized consulting services designed to meet your specific challenges and opportunities, propelling growth, enhancing operational efficiency, and fostering sustainable advancements.

With Susanna on your side, navigate the complexities of the modern business environment while establishing your company as a frontrunner in industry innovation and sustainability."

Speaking and Teaching Engagements

Susanna Huang offers her profound expertise and inspiring journey through speaking and teaching engagements tailored for corporations, organizations, and educational institutions. Drawing from her extensive experience as a solar entrepreneur, a former Accenture management consultant, and a passionate advocate for sustainability and Zen-inspired business practices, Susanna delivers engaging, thought-provoking sessions in the following areas:

  • Innovative Business Strategies: Blending Eastern philosophies with Western business practices to inspire innovation and strategic thinking.

  • Sustainability in Business: Illustrating how sustainability can be a powerful driver for profitability and brand value.

  • Leadership and Transformation: Sharing principles of leading with purpose, compassion, and resilience in a diversified environment.

  • Zen Mindfulness and Happiness in the Corporate World: Incorporating Marci Shimoff's Happy for No Reason Program principles with her Zen Meditation Mindfullness practices into daily work and life.

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Offering actionable advice on overcoming obstacles, seizing opportunities, and staying true to one’s vision in business.

  • Custom Workshops and Seminars:  Offering customized workshops and seminars designed to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Susanna’s ability to weave her personal and professional experiences into compelling narratives makes her sessions not only informative but deeply engaging, leaving a lasting impression on her audience. Attendees walk away with practical strategies and tools they can apply directly to their professional and personal lives, fostering growth, innovation, and a positive work culture.

Star Cluster

"Enso Guided Daily Meditation"

Absolutely lovely! I sat at my desk and just experienced your (Enso) guided meditation. Your voice is soothing and little did you know I needed this today! Thank you for such a lovely gift!!  Two thumbs up! 

- Carol Ann Wentworth, CEO I Speaker I Author, Mindful Executive Search

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