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7 Stars Global Solar Education Guide by Enso

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This course “7 Stars Global Solar Education Guide by Enso” provides a 360° education guide for global solar professionals. Naming the 7 solar areas as 7 stars, it’s put for easier learning brilliantly. Simple & Amazing! It was born after Susanna has spent the last 10 years on exploring the muddy trails of the solar industry with many twists and turns, she reached this A-ha moment. This course includes the explanations of the 7 solar areas individually and their inter-connections to put you on the fast-track of learning solar. The exponential growth of solar energy is attracting many people to join. You can get through the learning curves smoothly by having a trustworthy guide. “Susanna Enso brings very high integrity, intelligence, motivation and above all transparency to business partnerships, which makes doing business with her, a rare pleasure.”– Ian Smith, former SVP of of Flex and SunEdison. *** About Lecturer *** Susanna Qiang Huang is a transformational educator, an award-winning entrepreneur, a recognized global management consultant, and a published poet. Founder of Green Energy Village LLC, awarded with one of top 10 Solar Energy Technology Consulting/Services companies in the United States and awarded with prestige EuPD Research Top Brand Seal in the United States. Founder of Enso Circle Space, a 360° global solar education platform and board member of SunSpec Alliance. Growing up in China and living in U.S., she is a rare combination of East meeting West.



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7 stars global solar education guide by enso

7 stars global solar education guide by enso

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