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Little Stone Lion
- From Zero to Millions. 
In Zen. In Green.

Zen-inspired Business Book for New Generations
"The Cowardly Lion finds Courage in his Own Heart."– The Wizard of Oz.

Innovative. Inspirational. Practical.

Forest Walking

A Poem about Little Stone Lion

A ray of golden morning light

shines upon the little stone lion


He once lost his way in dark nights

But never lost his dreams

to explore the unknown land


He waits until a ray of morning light

shines upon him


@SusannaEnso @MoonCreekPoetry


I often pass by a Little Stone Lion in our village. It reminds me of the Disney movie "The Lion King": "Courage is the heart to explore and challenge without fear of any difficulties."

"Little Stone Lion" is not a traditional business book. It is also me, an entrepreneur full of curiosity, imagination, and a bit of courage, exploring my life mission in this magical world. Come, take a journey into the inner world of "Little Stone Lion" in the tranquil green.

This book may transform you. May the wisdom and knowledge found within these pages, like a beam of sunshine to brighten of the lives of all who read it.

My inspiration for business started with my dad.  My dad was an engineer turned business entrepreneur. He adored me unconditionally. I loved him dearly and respected him hugely. My dream was becoming a scholar in business, not about doing business, to stand next to my dad. Sadly, he passed away before my dream became true. I went on my life as an Accenture management consultant for Fortune 500 companies. But I could feel a big void in my heart where my daddy hero used to reside in the bubbling of happiness. I could no longer fool my heart.

Looking back, my life in big corporations was comfortable, working on the exciting global digital transformation projects and the large and complex strategic sourcing initiatives for some of the world's most influential Fortune 500 companies.

However, I walked into business following my dad’s footprints eagerly and I naively thought I will feel him over there. My Green Energy Village LLC dba Enso Circle Space, a boutique management consulting business, was founded in 2011 with nothing more than a laptop and a vision, in our local Starbucks Cafe.

But I didn’t know I was walking on an untraveled entrepreneurship road. This business, in solar, brought me to many places in the world, seeing many faces - happy or worried; and hearing many voices, kind or jealous.

My seeking led to a different path, unexpected.  I was indeed walking on my own path, not on my dad’s path. While I was in constant self-doubts, but never stopped.

Years later, my dedication and expertise have grown my business to be a multi-million-dollar business, as a woman-owned minority-owned business built by an immigrant. Surprisingly, we earned the prestigious honour of winning the top solar brand award, and a top 10 solar technologies consulting service company in the United States.

A small and beautiful business earned its unique space among business giants. In my surprise, I discovered a unique and exquisite "Enso’s Inner House of Business Framework".

Little Stone Lion business book is expected to be published in 2024.

Warm Regards,

Susanna Qiang Huang

Solar Entrepreneur, Management Consultant, Published Poet of "Moon Creek".

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Marci Shimoff,
#1 New York Times bestselling author, renowned speaker, California

"Combining skillful storytelling with powerful, practical wisdom, Susanna encourages us to use creativity and innovation to reimagine the business landscape. Little Stone Lion is a powerful guidebook for those committed to leading with purpose and compassion, achieving financial success and nurturing our planet and its resources”.

Song QI.jpeg

Song Qi,
EVP, Global 500 Manufacturer,
OSU Fisher MBA Alumni,

"I have known Susanna for the last two decades, observing her professional journey from working for  large corporations to running a start-up, as well as the enjoyment she derived from the journey. This book has benefited from her vast business experiences and her unique understanding of both Western and Eastern business cultures. It provides a great business framework that can be applied to practical business problems both holistically and systematically. It is an excellent combination of management theory and real-world business practices."


Jan Rippingale
Founder, CEO, Thought Leader &
Keynote Speaker in Solar Industry,

"Little Stone Lion," deftly crafted by Susanna, unravels the complexities of business through an extraordinary blend of elegance, simplicity, and penetrating insight. Each sentence, radiant and potent, guides the reader through the intricate labyrinth of entrepreneurship, offering an immersive Zen journey. We accompany Susanna in her quest to expand her knowledge by sharing it, a testament to her belief in mutual growth. The book breathes life into the principles she champions, seamlessly marrying profitability with purpose and harmonizing intellectual depth with emotional resonance. At its core, "Little Stone Lion" serves as a luminous beacon of holistic, purposeful entrepreneurship - an indispensable read for those bold visionaries intent on making a lasting impact.”

Xuhui business.jpg

Xuhui Shao, 
Former VP of Yahoo,
Managing Partner of Tech VC,

Silicon Valley

“This unique book offers an innovative exploration of how Zen principles can be applied to the business world. The author intertwines Zen philosophy with modern business strategies, creating a unique perspective on entrepreneurship and leadership that are rooted in the author’s own journey and her poetic personal reflections in each chapter such as “"Business is also an Art. A great brand is a masterpiece of Art…" that is so beautifully and artistically rendered in words. This book is particularly insightful for those interested in how mindfulness and spiritual values can enhance business practices, decision-making, and brand building. It's a narrative that weaves business acumen with a spiritual, minimalist approach, ideal for those seeking a holistic view of entrepreneurship and business strategy.”

Thick Forest

Vision. Mission. Values

"Small and Beautiful Business Blooms in Zen Garden of Ultra-Simplicity."

"Business is a Soul Awakening Journey, not just a Money Accumulation Journey."

"Business is also an Art.  A Great Brand is a Masterpiece of Art."

little stone lion blog image 20240106.png

Vision Statement

In a world accelerating towards unprecedented change, 'Little Stone Lion' emerges as a beacon of inspiration and guidance.


Our vision is to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit, fostering a new era of business leaders who embrace their unique identity while recognizing the strength of interdependence. We see a future where businesses flourish not as isolated entities fighting for survival, but as diverse yet unified forces of innovation, much like a richly varied but deeply connected natural ecological system.

'Little Stone Lion' is more than a book, where the courage of a lion beats in the heart of every entrepreneur, and the wisdom of ages is encapsulated in the solid resolve of business strategies that honor both the individual's aspirations and the collective well-being.


This vision seeks to revolutionize the way success is defined and achieved in business, advocating for an approach that is as kind to the human spirit as it is to the environment it operates within.

Through the pages of 'Little Stone Lion', we will challenge conventional norms, champion the concept of 'Uniqueness & Interconnectedness' (U & I), and empower readers to build businesses that not only lead markets but also contribute to a more harmonious world. It is a call to each entrepreneur to become a Lion King in their domain, mastering their journey with the courage to face any challenge and the wisdom to forge alliances that amplify their roar.

This is the future 'Little Stone Lion' aspires to create - a tapestry of thriving businesses that honor their unique strengths while weaving an interconnected narrative of success, sustainability, and meaningful impact. We invite entrepreneurs, leaders, and dreamers to join us in shaping a business world where being success is measured not just by profit, but by the positive footprint left on the earth and in the hearts of humanity.

Mission Statement

The mission of the 'Little Stone Lion' business book is to empower entrepreneurs and business leaders around the globe by providing them with a blueprint for success that harmonizes the pursuit of individual excellence with the power of community and collaboration.


Our goal is to inspire a shift in the entrepreneurial mindset, from one of competitive isolation to one of symbiotic growth and shared prosperity.

At the heart of 'Little Stone Lion' lies the commitment to nurturing the ‘soul seed’ of every founder, encouraging them to embrace their distinct value and potential. We aim to guide businesses in recognizing their unique gifts and in doing so, illuminate the path to their own distinctive glow within the marketplace. We aspire to show how interconnectedness with others can amplify this uniqueness, rather than diminish it.

Our mission extends beyond the conventional wisdom of business development. It is to encourage leaders to embody the spirit of the ‘Lion King’ within, facing the savannas of their industry with bravery, integrity, and an unwavering belief in their vision. We endeavor to create a narrative where businesses act not as predators but as mutual partners, contributing to an ecosystem that is resilient, vibrant, and inclusive.

'Little Stone Lion' is committed to fostering a business culture that appreciates the beauty in ‘being small’—highlighting how small-scale operations can achieve big impacts through strategic partnerships and a deep understanding of their role in the larger business environment. Our mission is to provide the strategies, stories, and lessons that enable any business, no matter its size, to find its footing and grow like the majestic trees and delicate flowers of a rich, diverse forest.

In essence, the mission of the 'Little Stone Lion' is to serve as a compass for those navigating the complexities of the business world, to act as a catalyst for innovation, and to champion a future where success is built on the pillars of authenticity, mutual respect, and environmental consciousness. We dedicate our book to the dreamers, the doers, and the makers who are ready to redefine what it means to be successful in business and in life.

Susanna Huang Speaking Engagements include:

  • Solar Standards at Sustainable Blockchain Summit in Paris, France, 2022

  • Solar Inverter Best Practices at SunSpec Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, 2022

  • Strategic Partnerships at NAWBO Good to Great in Columbus Ohio, 2024

  • Unleash Happiness in Business with Marci Shimoff Webinar, 2024

  • Solar Global Adoptions at Santa Clara University, in Silicon Valley, 2024

SusannaEnso 202405.jpg
Frank Agin.jpeg

Frank Agin
Founder and President of AmSpirit Business Connections, Ohio

"Susanna's storytelling and practical wisdom inspire us to use creativity and innovation in business. "Little Stone Lion" is a guide for leading with purpose, achieving financial success, and caring for our planet."

Daniel Leung.jpeg

Daniel Leung

OSU Fisher MBA Alumni Board Member, Consultant,


"Little Stone Lion" elevates beyond the typical scope of management literature. As I delved into its chapters, it felt like engaging in a deep, meaningful conversation with a long-missed friend, accompanied by the gentle comfort of floral tea. Here, I was captivated by her open recounting of entrepreneurial tales, interspersed with challenges and victories, introspective thoughts, and the illuminous pearls of wisdom. Susanna’s prose is concise yet vibrant, abundantly insightful yet remarkably approachable, all woven together with a touch of graceful refinement.”

Zhaoyang Liang.jpeg

Zhaoyang Liang
VP Executive,
Global Financial Services,

“I especially enjoyed the coda, "Little Stone Lion: The End". It weaves together the personal, the philosophical, and the practical aspects of her journey as a green entrepreneur, as a minority, a woman, an immigrant, and an underdog. I feel the encouragement, unity, and empowerment, and it is quite inviting for readers like me to embark on our own transformative journeys.”

Hui Zhang.jpeg

Hui Zhang
Global Logistics Companies


"Susanna's sincere words, I see the story of a hardworking entrepreneur's transformation into a successful leader, from a puzzled practitioner following the flow to a confident industry leader who has found her true self. I hope you can join me in gaining multifaceted inspiration from this work, both in business and in personal growth and values. Furthermore, I hope her positive energy and sparkling light will bring starlight to more lives and make our shared world a better place."

Unique Values

Philosophy of Uniqueness & Interconnectedness:

The 'Little Stone Lion' is not just a business book; it's a manifesto that encourages businesses to thrive by embracing their unique identity while leveraging the strength of their connections. Unlike traditional business models predicated on fierce competition, this approach celebrates uniqueness and fosters an ecosystem of interdependence.

Zen and Green Approach:

The book integrates the principles of Zen—mindfulness, simplicity, and inner peace—with a 'Green' approach to business that emphasizes sustainability and environmental consciousness. This unique combination offers readers a path to success that also prioritizes the well-being of our planet and future generations.

Story-Driven Entrepreneurial Journey:

The book provides an intimate, narrative-driven exploration of entrepreneurship that’s rich with personal anecdotes and transformative experiences. This offers a relatable and inspiring roadmap that’s as emotionally engaging as it is informative.

Enso’s Inner House of Business Framework:

The book introduces readers to the innovative 'Enso’s Inner House of Business Framework,' which merges Eastern philosophy with practical business strategies. This framework guides entrepreneurs in building a brand that resonates deeply with their core values and target audience with elegant simplicity.

Practical Wisdom with a Soulful Twist:

Unlike many business books that focus solely on profit margins and aggressive growth, 'Little Stone Lion' delves into the soul of entrepreneurship. It brings to the table an understanding that business is not just an economic activity, but a personal journey and a form of self-expression.

Global Perspective with Local Insight:

Written with a global mindset but imbued with local wisdom, this book equips entrepreneurs to scale their operations internationally while remaining true to their roots and values.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit of the Lion King: Inspired by the courage and journey of the Lion King, the book translates the timeless lessons of leadership and perseverance into the modern business context, empowering readers to face challenges with a fearless spirit.

Living Life as an Experiment:

The 'Little Stone Lion' encourages a bold rethinking of life and business as an experiment, where risks are calculated, failures are learning opportunities, and the quest for meaning is paramount.

Joy, Peace, and Harmony in Business:

Lastly, we offer a unique promise—the pursuit of joy, peace, and harmony not just as personal aspirations but as integral components of a successful business culture, something rarely emphasized in the business world.

Meditating at Home
Susanna teaching.jpg

Enso's Innerhouse of Business Framework

Navigate change with confidence through the Enso's Inner House of Business Framework, designed to magnify profits, amplify impact, and foster sustainability. Ideal for visionary founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business leaders aiming for elite status, this framework provides a strategic roadmap rooted in Zen simplicity and deep strategic wisdom. Drawn from Susanna Huang's forthcoming business book "Little Stone Lion," it equips you to construct distinguished brands, ignite growth, enhance operations, and champion sustainability. Additionally, Enso's Inner House of Business Framework is an innovative methodology that integrates Zen philosophy to promote simplicity, mindfulness, and interconnectedness, allowing you to navigate business complexities with clarity. It systematically addresses crucial business facets from branding and product development to customer service and personal transformation, ensuring a holistic approach to building a successful, purpose-driven enterprise. This framework offers a comprehensive blueprint for thriving in today's competitive market.

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So, Who is Little Stone Lion

The Little Stone Lion is built on the premise of unwavering principles and the timeless wisdom that underpins successful businesses across generations and geographies. It encapsulates the resilience and stability suggested by its namesake, positioning the book not merely as a source of information, but as a guide to building a business that can withstand the tests of time and change.

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Little Stone Lion Blog_4_Heart.png


Sample Chapter - Preface

Green Energy Village’s Solar Story

Business is a Soul Awakening Journey, not just a Money Accumulation Journey. @SusannaEnso

Walking toward the security gate inside the Columbus International Airport, my attention was attracted to the big overhead billboard.  A small and lovely bird was projected by the light as the shadow of a big eagle on the giant white wall. 

This image resonated deeply within me. It brought back the memories of growing my Green Energy Village, a boutique management consulting business with headquarters in Dublin, Ohio.

I learned solar and sustainability at our global management training program in Switzerland with my former employer Mettler Toledo, a Fortune 500 global manufacturer. I was soon attracted by the magic of solar and its profound impact on sustainability to fight climate change for our planet.

Driven by my passion, I took on the solar industry. It was a miraculous experience. A woman-owned and minority-owned small business, Green Energy Village LLC was selected as the Top 10 Solar Energy Technologies Consulting Services Company. We also won the prestigious EuPD Top Brand PV Inverter Award in the United States.

But more questions began to surface in my mind, I reflected and meditated on these questions.

What if the scarcity of energy on earth is just an illusion? There is abundant solar energy. The Sun is shining unselfishly on Himalaya mountains, on Pacific oceans, on commercial buildings and on our rooftops etc. The Sunshine is everywhere on our planet.

Imagine all the people under the Sun could enjoy solar energy in Joy, Peace and Harmony. If so, why not all have access to abundant solar energy?


I realized it was a perfect time for me to make career move again, like 10 years ago. I started Enso Circle Space educational brand along with Green Energy Village, connecting dots backwards to make new impact.

I observed that getting smaller is one of the mega business trends in this post-pandemic world, like my observation of solar inverter trends, shared in my article on our Eiffel Tower installation. Our future now is filled with uncertainties. It reminded me of the mass extinctions of dinosaurs. Big businesses face big adaption challenges. Smaller businesses may have much better chance to survive.

But small is not good enough, be beautiful and powerful. 

Be young David who defeated Giant Goliath. Green Energy Village is a living proof. 

little stone lion.jpg

Sample Chapter - Preface

Eiffel Tower Has a “Noble Heart”

The Intersection of Art and Technologies is Where the Magic Happens.  @SusannaEnso

In 2014, the visitor count at the renewable energy exhibition in Paris dropped significantly, but it did not dampen my spirits. After the exhibition, I explored Paris on foot.

As night fell, I found myself sitting on stone steps, gazing at the majestic Eiffel Tower in the distance. I was captivated by its slowly emerging golden glow in the dark night.

The following year, in 2015, I received an email from our New York installer. They informed me that our inverters were installed on the Eiffel Tower by them. I wrote an article “Reaching for the Sky” for it, published on the North American Clean Energy magazine.

As I wrote this chapter, I came across the fact that the Paris Climate Agreement was also released in 2015. At the centre of the Paris Climate Agreement poster stands the Eiffel Tower.

Two seemingly unrelated dots connected in my mind in a flash of insight. In the moment when the Eiffel Tower received a new "heart" in the form of a renewable energy system, it found a new meaning in its precious life, touching people’s hearts and inspiring people to go green, around the world.

Technologies may be cold. The hearts of we, humans, are the warm energy fields, filled with love and compassion, felt by people over mountains, across seas, and through time and space. Technologies are only the tools we use, but our whole aim is happiness. 

The intersection of Art and Technologies is where the magic happens. I start the pursuing in business.

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Sample Chapter - Preface

Chasing Knowledge like “CATS”

Chasing CATS: Create, Apply, Teach, Share Knowledge. @SusannaEnso

In the pursuit of personal transformation, acquiring fresh knowledge is crucial. From a young age, I embraced the belief that "Knowledge is Power." But is this still true? Let us explore the insights of Tony Robbins, who reminds us that "Knowledge is NOT power. Knowledge is only POTENTIAL power. Action is power."

Allow me to share a part of my own story, where the quest for knowledge played a significant role. As a young consultant fresh out of Tsinghua University, I sought ways to rapidly expand my knowledge and present myself professionally to clients. Thankfully, Accenture had created a knowledge base, a treasure trove of insights contributed by consultants from around the world. I eagerly "borrowed" knowledge from there, arming myself with confidence before meeting clients.

However, I want to challenge the traditional notion of safeguarding knowledge accumulated over the years. In today's fast-paced world, knowledge is readily available at our fingertips. Instead of focusing solely on the acquisition of knowledge, we must shift our attention towards gaining insights and applying that knowledge effectively.

When I contemplate the lifecycle of knowledge, it resembles cats chasing their tails in a circle—a perpetual cycle that consists of Create, Apply, Teach, and Share.

C – Create Knowledge

A – Apply Knowledge

T – Teach Knowledge

S – Share Knowledge

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Green Eyed Cat

Diverse Readers of Little Stone Lion

The "Little Stone Lion" business book is crafted to resonate with a diverse group of readers who are at various stages of their entrepreneurial journey, including:

Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Individuals who dream of starting their own business will find inspiration and practical guidance within the pages of this book. It will cater to those who are seeking a philosophical yet actionable approach to entrepreneurship.

Early-Stage Startups: Founders and team members of startup companies will benefit from the book’s framework, which can help them establish a strong foundation for their business and avoid common pitfalls.

Established Business Owners: Seasoned entrepreneurs looking for innovative ways to rejuvenate their business strategy and incorporate sustainable practices will find the book's insights particularly valuable.

Business Students: Academic institutions with entrepreneurship programs can include this book in their curriculum, providing students with a holistic view of business that combines Western management practices with Eastern wisdom.

Corporate Escapees: Professionals contemplating a transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship will find "Little Stone Lion" a guiding light, offering them the courage and tools to make the leap.

Management Consultants: Those in the consulting field can gain new perspectives on business strategy and client engagement, expanding their toolkit with the Enso’s Inner House of Business Framework.

Green Energy Advocates: Individuals passionate about sustainability and green business practices will be drawn to the author’s background and the integration of these principles throughout the book.

Zen and Mindfulness Practitioners: This group will appreciate the infusion of Zen principles into business thinking and may seek to apply these in their professional lives.

Diverse Business Communities: The book will have a special appeal to minority and women business owners, resonating with the author's personal journey and providing representation and encouragement for these groups.

Global Thinkers: With its cross-cultural insights, the book is ideal for business leaders looking to operate in a global context, offering strategies that are applicable across different markets.

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