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Happy Zen Tea @ Moo Creek Sunroom - Weekly

Step into a realm of tranquility and empowerment with our immersive 'Happy Zen Tea' weekly event at the enchanting Moon Creek Sunroom.
1. Begin your journey with a serene half-hour Zen Meditation session (Free on LinkedIn Live), designed to ground you in the present moment and instill a deep sense of peace.

2. Transition seamle
ssly into an inspiring half-hour of 'Happy in Business' teachings - blending Susanna's rich business insights with Marci Shimoff's Happy for No Reason practical habits teachings by Susanna, where you'll explore strategies to infuse joy and mindfulness into your professional life and purposeful sustainable business.

3. Conclude this enriching experience with a social "tea" time, an opportunity to connect, reflect, and enjoy the serene ambiance of Moon Creek Sunroom.

This event promises not just relaxation, but a transformative experience that harmonizes your inner peace with professional happiness. Join us for a memorable time of meditation, learning, and delightful socializing over tea.

Unleash Happiness in Business

I warmly invite you to join me and Marci Shimoff, the featured teacher at movie The Secret known for Law of Attractions, at "Unleash Happiness in Business, A Dual Perspective Webinar"

Why Choose 'Happy for No Reason' and Zen Meditation with Marci and Me?
1. Systematic and Holistic Approach
Many view happiness as a fleeting emotion, but we see it as a state of being. Join us to learn how to build a lasting 'House of Happiness' where joy isn't just a visitor, but a permanent resident.
2. Integration into Daily Life
When happiness knowledge is knowledge in your Head, this knowledge is not your knowledge. We'll guide you in embedding happiness into the very fabric of your daily existence, moving it from your head to your heart.
3. Tailored for Business Professionals
In the high-pressure world of business, it's easy to close off emotions to cope with stress, we also shut off happiness in our hearts. We'll show you how to reopen your heart, allowing happiness to flow as freely as my moon creek.

My journey with Zen Meditation began as a quest for clarity amidst the fog of entrepreneurship. It evolved into a search for innovative solutions, akin to Steve Jobs's 'Reality Distortion Field', and became my sanctuary during the most intense times of my business life.

As AI reshapes our job landscape and environmental crises deepen, there's never been a better time to weave the habits of 'Happy for No Reason' and the practice of Zen Meditation into our lives. Join Marci and me as we explore these pathways to lasting happiness and inner peace in our webinar.


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Star Cluster

"Enso Guided Daily Meditation"

Absolutely lovely! I sat at my desk and just experienced your (Enso) guided meditation. Your voice is soothing and little did you know I needed this today! Thank you for such a lovely gift!!  Two thumbs up! 

- Carol Ann Wentworth, CEO I Speaker I Author, Mindful Executive Search

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