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Enso Speaks on Poetry + Technology

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

This blog article is an excerpt from Susanna Enso's Speaking on August 24th, 2022 at Learned Minds.

Moon Creek : Seeking the secret and beauty of this world through poems and images, by Enso Huang

  • Moon Creek Poetry Chinese version is published in China by a Top Publisher in Beijing.

  • Moon Creek Poetry English version eBook (adding this year's new poems) is self-published on Amazon Kindle

  • Author Link:


It is my great pleasure to speak with you. I was like many of you years ago, when I would a young electrical engineering student, full of curiosities…

Today, I’m going to share three things,

1. How did I become a poet from an engineer, consultant, and solar entrepreneur?

2. How does my Moon Creek Poetry gain self-awareness and help me live a happier life?

3. How does Poetry inspire my imaginations and creativities to work on future technologies?

I want to share my experiences with you. I hope you will benefit from my experience to advance the technologies to help us all live a happier life on our lovely planet.

You may be curious about how I wrote Moon Creek Poetry? Let me make a correction. I did not “write” poems…I will explain why I didn’t “write” poems later.

But let me first share my story about learning the connections between arts and technologies.

In 2014, I visited Paris after a solar tradeshow. It was at night, I relaxed on a stone staircase facing the Eiffel Tower after a long walk. Suddenly, Eiffel Tower illuminated in the golden light. I was amazed by this art of engineering.

Time fast forward. In 2015, I talked to the communication manager of Eiffel Tower to select a few photos showing our renewable energy equipment installed there.

Later that year, The Paris Agreement was signed. Eiffel Tower was used as the logo for The Paris Agreement. I had an A-ha moment, I connected the dots between arts and technologies. Eiffel Tower installed with renewable energy system becomes a symbol, inspiring so many people in the world to fight climate change.

However, in the next few years after 2015, I spent most of time on running our U.S. solar business. My life seemed to be dragged into the black holes of the endless work, no play. I was exhausted and burned out. Fortunately, my life changed along with the Moon Creek Poetry.

1. Moon Creek Poetry connects me with Nature, to experience its healing power

During the pandemic, I no longer traveled. I spent a lot of time walking in the woods, while working on solar, reading philosophies, and learning new things.

I began to write again, in the moment when I felt it.

In the woods, I sometimes felt I was part of the Nature, having conversations with trees, deer, birds, stars, clouds and of course the Moon. It was at this precious moment; the poem flew out of my heart and begged me to write them down on paper.

Moon Creek poetry is a collection of my poems written over about one and a half years across four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

In the past, I read a line, I could not remember its exact words. The meaning is that I could be the hollowed flute to let the wind of Nature to flow through it and make music…It is a beautiful explanation how I download instead of writing poems in the Moon Creek Poetry.

It was my most challenging stage of my life. Like many of you, I faced many difficulties in life and business. We are all bruised by life with variety of pains.

Miraculously, I experienced the profound healing power of the Nature. Self-healing is an important ability for us to live a healthy happier life. I hope you will experience the Nature’s healing power in the Moon Creek Poetry too.

2. Moon Creek Poetry connects me with my True Self, to Live a Happier Life

You may ask why I saw so many beauties of nature in Moon Creek Poetry?

Many people walked on the same trails as me every day. Yet very few ever noticed the little flowers blooming on the roadside.

I was awakened to the beauties of the Nature when I was turning my awareness from outside world to my inner world. Through my years of meditation practice, I began to make friends with my feelings. I am aware of the feelings triggered by the outside environment which make me happy, which make me sad etc.

We all tend to be addicted to negativities coming from the ancestors. I learned to shift my attention with full awareness to the happy moments in the Nature which feed more happiness.

A flower blooms in the right environment. You will feel ease, joy and flow when you’re in good mood. You want to shoulder your own responsibilities to live and work in your own happy zone to get the best results in life and business. Moon Creek poetry is my way of navigating my life through self-awareness to the happiness. I hope you will experience its awakening power too.

3. Moon Creek Poetry connects me with Universe, to inspire imaginations and creativities

You may ask how Poetry and Technologies are connected?

During the pandemic, many of us realized that the old ways of doing things may not be applied to this new world. Our future is full of unknowns and uncertainties. We want to advance technologies to live a better life. But some technologies may go to the wrong directions. Many jobs might be replaced by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

I believe that what differentiate us, human beings from animals and advanced technologies. are that we have the feeling of “love”. We have imaginations. We have creativities. We have our inner compasses to help us walk on the right path to advance technologies.

We often thought there are clear lines between arts such as poetry and technology.

But do these lines really exist?

In the poetry world, dreams and realities are merged, and the lines between different disciplines and spaces are blurred. In Moon Creek Poetry, I had the freedom to "fly" across the time and space, "dancing" with the Moon and Stars.

I often use my imaginations and creativities experienced in Moon Creek poetry to solve the real-world technology and business problems, in the seemingly impossible areas in creative ways.

New technologies such as Big data, Metaverse, Block Chain, Solar technologies have huge potential but there are many problems to be solved to release their potentials. Magic might be in the intersections of multiple disciplines and spaces. Here is an example, during the Sustainable Blockchain Summit in July, I spoke about my unique thoughts on the future merge of Blockchain and Sustainability with great speakers from United Nation and Blockchain leaders.

I hope you will experience imaginations and creativities in Moon Creek Poetry. It may inspire you to use your own imaginations and creativities to advance technologies to help us live happier lives on this lovely planet.

Let me end my speech with a quote from Steve Jobs.

“It is technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that make our hearts sing.”

Thank you very much for spending your precious time with me…

Susanna Enso

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