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Solar tipping point, finally?

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Ten years ago, I heard that solar was closer to the tipping point.

Yesterday, I read the news below, the solar tipping point surfaced in my mind,

“House passes Inflation Reduction Act with $369 billion to supercharge clean energy, promote environmental justice, and cut carbon emissions. Biden will sign it within days.” -

Does it mean more solar career opportunities for you? Or

Does it mean less opportunities due to more job market competitions?

Does it mean it’ll grow into a booming healthy solar industry? Or

Does it mean it’ll grow into messier solar industry probably, flooded with newcomers?

In fact, what you do NOW yourself impacts what you will experience in the future…

The best thing to do now is Investing Yourself for the Future, improving how you learn and what to learn in solar. I call it "Unlearn to Learn".

You’re invited to my course 7 Stars Global Solar Education Guide. This course provides a 360° education guide for global solar professionals. Aiming at the 7 main areas in global solar education. Naming the 7 areas as 7 stars, it’s put for easier learning brilliantly. Simple & Amazing!

It was born after I spent the last 10 years on exploring the muddy trails of the solar industry with many twists and turns, building one of top 10 Solar Energy Technology Consulting/Services companies in the U.S. Please watch the course trailer video below.

Register here.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

- Rumi


Susanna Enso

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