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Bird's-Eye View of Solar

“None of us will live forever. But we are doing this not for ourselves but for our children and our children’s children, and those who will follow in their footsteps.”

- Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom

About 7 years ago, I observed 3 Solar Inverter Mega Trends, inspired by the exciting Eiffel Tower inverter installation story which I wrote for the North American Clean Energy magazine. These 3 trends unfolded in front of our eyes over years...

Time fast forward, I now expand my horizon from the niche market solar inverters to the whole solar industry. I’m curious about the Solar Mega Trends. Probably you are as curious as I am.

To observe the new trends, I pondered over One Most Important Question Asked by Mr. Michael Grasso, a solar transformational leader I respect since meeting with him at Sunrun. I raised my Two Most Important Questions attempting to answer Grasso’s question. Smaller problems are easier to solve, right?

I invite you to join my free webinar on Nov. 9th Solar Read for Mass Adoptions (4). Go along with me to explore these 3 Mega Solar Trends. I will also share my observation of 4 Phases of Solar Industry. As we enter a new exciting era of solar, we will expect to businesses differently, advance technologies differently and having working-style and lifestyle differently…

In this webinar, I want to brainstorm with you the creative and practical answers to One Most Important Question. No, I don’t think we need complex and grand answers. We just want to have our own small piece of answers related on our unique individual solar ride, then we will watch the amazing show of butterfly effect rippling through the whole solar system…Register Here.

“This is the best solar knowledge and guidance provided" – Ravi

"The journey so far with the Susanna Enso is quite exciting as well as very interesting. I really appreciate your continuous work in arranging these valuable webinars. I learned a few new things regarding solar system industry through your webinars. Thankyou!" - Zeeshan

Over years, I observed that some solar professionals got burned out, got sick...Some were even thrown from the fun rides of the solar coasters… Being happy is much needed for solar professionals facing many unknowns and uncertainties. Being Happy is not knowledge. It comes from wisdom...and Being Happy can be learned. I also invite you to join my Nov. 10th Happy in Solar with Enso Free Webinar. Register Here. P.S. Enso Circle Space Certificate is available to all webinar attendees only (1 hour) Hope to see you next week. Cheers,

Susanna Enso

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