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Solar Codes are Boring, Really?

I didn’t like reading Solar Codes and Standards. They were boring. I would need time to take a few deep breaths before opening the pages…How about you? Until…I met Bill Brooks, #1 Solar Electrical Codes and Standards Expert in the United States. He let me to peek behind the curtain on how the solar electrical codes and standards were developed. I was intrigued to hear them from Bill Brooks, …after he spent nearly 30 years designing, installing, and evaluating PV systems; …after he used his superior field troubleshooting skills to solve very complex solar problems; and …after he trained over 15,000 solar professionals on those issues of greatest need. Would you like to “read” Solar Codes and Standards in some new ways? You may give a try using one or all the following approaches, ...sense the “Good Intentions” of each Solar Code and Standards; ...feel “Cared” by each Solar Codes and Standards for people’s safety; ...see the “Long-term” horizon of businesses through the lens of Solar Codes and Standards… There are many benefits to learn Solar Codes and Standards Early in Your Solar Career. ...know the basic rules of solar, like sports before playing or watching the games. ...get the much-needed CEUs to maintain your hard-earned NABCEP certifications. ...picture the image of you, a solar professional in business, probably not today, tomorrow, next week, next month or next year…No, I’m talking about several years later (Solar equipment lasts on average 20+ years), you are greeted by the Happy Faces of your customers, not the upset faces of your customers staring at the long list of RMA cases and service tickets. ...happiness keeps you healthy. Stress does not. ...good reputation keeps your business healthy. Bad reputation does not. ...satisfied customer keeps solar industry healthy. Unsatisfied customer does not.

Learning takes good effort. Why not making it a little fun while you could understand more deeply and use them with confidence?

You might be amazed How Well you Could Learn and How Quickly You Could Learn, especially from Bill Brooks himself at Enso Circle Space on-demand online courses,

at your own pace,

at your own time,

at your own comfortable space…

Here are three on-demand online courses taught by Bill Brooks at Enso Circle Space:

#1 "Overview of Solar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage System Residential Codes" goes in the details of the National Electrical Code and the International Residential Code as they relate to PV and Energy Storage Systems. 2 NABCEP CEUs. Register Here

#2 "Inspecting Installation of Photovoltaic Energy Storage System" goes in the details of the proper installation of PV and Energy Storage Systems. Attendees will be exposed to common installation mistakes that can impair the safety and reliability of these systems. 2 NABCEP CEUs. Register Here

#3Home Solar Storage and Install” provides hands-on Step-by-Step Solar Home Energy Storage System Installation Instructions from Leading Solar Expert Bill Brooks. This one is our “oldest” online course. I keep it because Bill Brooks explained the home solar storage concepts so simply and accurately, you could easily follow one of 20 short videos on your phone while onsite. 2 NABCEP CEUs. Register Here

We're grateful to be on the solar journey with you…


Susanna Enso

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