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Join Free Solar Webinar with Bill Brooks and Susanna Enso

We invite you to join our webinar on July 14th by Bill Brooks, the founder of ‘Brooks Engineering’. Mr. Brooks is a renowned educator, top code expert in solar industry. He is a great teacher who trained over 15,000 electricians, PV system installers, building officials, and inspectors throughout the United States and aboard. Bill has over 25 years of experience designing, installing, and evaluating PV systems. His field troubleshooting skills have been valuable in determining where problems occur to focus training on those issues of greatest need. He has written several important technical manuals for the industry that are now widely used throughout the United States and beyond. His publications include the Expedited Permit Process for PV Systems, the Field Inspection Guidelines for PV Systems, and Understanding the CalFire Solar PV Installation Guidelines etc. He teaches NABCEP certification courses. He is actively involved in the developments of PV codes and standards.

Bill will introduce his NABCEP certification solar courses popular in the United States to global audiance. I found Mr. Brooks’ teaching style is remarkably simple, intuitive and easy-to-follow.

I will introduce my unique 7 Stars Global Solar Education Guide, distilled from my 10+ years great experience working with remarkable talented solar professionals across the solar supply chain in the United States.

Look forward to seeing you at our free webinar "7 Stars Global Solar Education Brought by Susanna Enso and Bill Brooks".

Click here to join.


Susanna Enso

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