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Grow your business, solar or not

Entrepreneurship is a thrilling yet challenging journey, and as entrepreneurs, we all share the common goal of growing our businesses profitably and quickly with minimal risk. However, achieving this goal can be incredibly challenging, especially during periods of rapid growth.

As the founder of Green Energy Village, a boutique management consulting firm, I understand these challenges all too well. When I started the company, it was just a small unknown startup born in a Starbucks. But with hard work and dedication, we grew into a multi-million dollar business that won top brand awards.

One of the keys to our success was the development of Enso's Small and Beautiful Business Framework. This framework embodies the Zen spirit that I have practiced for many years, and it simplifies business functions down to their essence. With a tiny team and very low operational costs, we were able to compete with world-class giants as a woman-owned and minority-owned business.

I am passionate about sharing my hard-earned Enso's Business Framework with other inspirational entrepreneurs and business leaders. Through a series of online courses and private business coaching services, I hope to empower others to grow their businesses efficiently, sustainably, and with minimal risk.

DM drop me a message if you‘re interested in a Complementary Disocvery Call.

Or welcome to join my free masterclass on 4/18, 4/25

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