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Enso’s Inner House of Business Framework

I had a 360-degree business experience that spans start-up and established businesses, both large and small, in marketing, sales, product, and service operations across the Eastern and Western world, in Going Global, in Zen and In Green. I realized my dream of becoming a scholar in business never faded away.  So I began to write again.

Now you have a chance to read my Little Stone Lion business book, from this magical journey of building an award-winning multi-million-dollar business, while seeking my meaning of life.

Since everyone is familiar with a house, I’m going to use the metaphor of house to illustrate my business philosophies – Enso’s Inner House of Business Framework, so you will easily understand.

It will be your journey with me on your side. I will guide you to customize Enso’s Inner House of Business Framework to build a solid foundation of your own business.

Unlike other business frameworks in the marketplace, my work is also influenced by years of Zen practice, ultra-simple for you to quickly apply to your business, holistically and systematically. It comes directly from my experience of solving real-world business problems in a rapidly changing environment, with sparks of business intuitions.

I combine imaginative application of management consulting with creative application of management tools used by large companies and systematic application of analytical thinking from engineering education.

This management philosophy of melding Eastern and Western thinking could help entrepreneurs build profitable business cost effectively, while developing long-lasting top brands in your niche markets.  It will bring out your inner wisdoms for best decision makings and mitigate business risks.

After reading this book,

You will crystalize your assumptions and reimagine your business visions.

You will build your own Inner House of Business Framework holistically.

You will design unique strategies for each business function coherently.

You will achieve ultimate simplicity in business operations with the Zen spirit.

You will unlock your true potential and build a solid foundation for your business.

I hope you will also enjoy my personal solar business stories, inspirational or lessons learned.

Sharing on Janurary 8th, 2024, To Be continued ......

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