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Bill Brooks' Own Words on 7 MIQ by Enso

To learn from the best teacher, you may want to connect with him at a deeper level to receive the most benefits. How about getting to know Bill Brooks better through watching this video and hearing the wisdoms from Bill Brooks:

7 Most Important Questions Asked by Enso

Q1: What attracted you to do what you enjoy doing today?

Q2: How did you learn to rise on the top in your space?

Q3: What was your biggest A-Ha moment in life?

Q4: How do you connect with people in other solar spaces?

Q5: What is your biggest lesson-learned?

Q6: What will be your next biggest move?

Q7: What legacy would you like to leave on our lovely planet?

Bill Brooks is the renowned educator, independent code and standard expert and writer in Solar industry. He is also great teacher who trained well over 15,000 electricians, PV system installers, building officials, and inspectors throughout the United States and aboard.

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