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A Poem "Little Stone Lion" in Moon Creek

As I journey through the pages of my upcoming book "Little Stone Lion," I'm reminded of the profound lessons of courage and determination. This book is more than a business guide; it's a reflection of my personal journey interwined with professional insights.

📖 Here's a glimpse:

"A ray of golden morning light shines upon the little stone lion. He once lost his way in dark nights but never lost his dreams to explore the unknown land..."

This book is not just about business strategies; it’s about finding courage and purpose, much like the Cowardly Lion in "The Wizard of Oz." It's about my own path, distinct from the one my father walked, filled with challenges and triumphs in the solar industry.

🚀 From an aspiring scholar beside my dad to an entrepreneur carving my path at Green Energy Village LLC, this journey has been unique and enlightening.

🌱 "Little Stone Lion" represents the metamorphosis of a small yet impactful business amidst giants, reflecting my experiences, insights, and the unanticipated routes of entrepreneurship.

I invite you to dive into this chapter, hoping it will illuminate your path as it did mine. Stay tuned for more insights and shared wisdom from "Little Stone Lion."

Little Stone Lion


A ray of golden morning light

shines upon the little stone lion


He once lost his way in dark nights.

But never lost his dreams

to explore the unknown land


He waits until a ray of morning light

shines upon him


My Story, Rising from Nothingness 

The Cowardly Lion finds Courage in his Own Heart. – The Wizard of Oz.

I often pass by a Little Stone Lion in our village. It reminds me of the Disney movie "The Lion King": "Courage is the heart to explore and challenge without fear of any difficulties."

"Little Stone Lion" is not a traditional business book, it is also my personal journey of seeking the meaning of life, in the magic and beauty of the World, as a curious, imaginative, and courageous business entrepreneur. 

It may change your business and life. Drop in with me. May the wisdom and knowledge found within these pages, like a beam of sunshine to brighten of the lives of all who read it.

My inspiration for business started with my dad.  My dad was an engineer turned business entrepreneur. He adored me unconditionally. I loved him dearly and respected him hugely. My dream was becoming a scholar in business, not about doing business, to stand next to my dad. Sadly, he passed away before my dream became true. I went on my life as an Accenture management consultant for Fortune 500 companies. But I could feel a big void in my heart where my daddy hero used to reside in the bubbling of happiness. I could no longer fool my heart.

Looking back, my life in big corporations was comfortable, working on the exciting global digital transformation projects and the large and complex strategic sourcing initiatives for some of the world's most influential Fortune 500 companies.

However, I walked into business following my dad’s footprints eagerly and I naively thought I will feel him over there. My Green Energy Village LLC, a boutique management consulting business, was founded in 2011 with nothing more than a laptop and a vision, in our local Starbucks Cafe.

But I didn’t know I was walking on an untraveled entrepreneurship road.

This business, in solar, brought me to many places in the world, seeing many faces - happy or worried; and hearing many voices, kind or jealous.

My seeking led to a different path, unexpected.  I was indeed walking on my own path, not on my dad’s path. While I was in constant self-doubts, but never stopped.

Years later, my dedication and expertise have grown my business to be a multi-million-dollar business, as a woman-owned minority-owned business built by an immigrant. Surprisingly, we earned the prestigious honour of winning the top solar brand award, and a top 10 solar technologies consulting service company in the United States.

I changed the status quo on how to run a business.  A small and beautiful business earned its unique space among business giants.

I was amazed, thrilled, and felt blessed for not giving up prematurely.

Listening to my audio of this chapter, click below:

Sharing on Janurary 6th, 2024, To Be continued ......

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