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Wisdoms from The Global Winner of Prestigious IEEE Nikola Tesla Award

Updated: Mar 4, 2022


Prepared by: Susanna "Qiang" Huang, Brand Strategist from Enso Circle Space

It was my privilege to invite professor Longya Xu as our Keynote Speaker for our Enso Circle Space Grand Opening on November 19th, 2022. I prepared the full script of his talk for you.

Professor Xu is the Global Winner of the Prestigious IEEE Nikola Tesla Award for his great contributions and lasting impacts on the design and control of efficient electric machines and electrified vehicles. It’s like “Nobel Prize” in the power electronics and electrical engineering field.

Named in honor of the late electrical engineering icon known for his development of the coil and the A/C induction motor, Nikola Tesla, the award was established in 1975 as a joint effort between the IEEE Power Engineering Society and the IEEE Board of Directors. Professor Longya Xu shared his inspiring story of a lifetime of exploration and success as a top scientist in the world and his wisdom on the future of solar electric technologies.

Professor Longya Xu

- Global Winner of Prestigious IEEE Nikola Tesla Award

Thank you everyone. I want to say good morning to people in California and somewhere else perhaps good afternoon.