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Wisdoms from The Global Winner of Prestigious IEEE Nikola Tesla Award

Updated: Mar 4, 2022


Prepared by: Susanna "Qiang" Huang, Brand Strategist from Enso Circle Space

It was my privilege to invite professor Longya Xu as our Keynote Speaker for our Enso Circle Space Grand Opening on November 19th, 2022. I prepared the full script of his talk for you.

Professor Xu is the Global Winner of the Prestigious IEEE Nikola Tesla Award for his great contributions and lasting impacts on the design and control of efficient electric machines and electrified vehicles. It’s like “Nobel Prize” in the power electronics and electrical engineering field.

Named in honor of the late electrical engineering icon known for his development of the coil and the A/C induction motor, Nikola Tesla, the award was established in 1975 as a joint effort between the IEEE Power Engineering Society and the IEEE Board of Directors. Professor Longya Xu shared his inspiring story of a lifetime of exploration and success as a top scientist in the world and his wisdom on the future of solar electric technologies.

Professor Longya Xu

- Global Winner of Prestigious IEEE Nikola Tesla Award

Thank you everyone. I want to say good morning to people in California and somewhere else perhaps good afternoon.

I thank you Susanna for inviting me to this great occasion. I felt honored. It’s my pleasure to be here. So why I’m so happy because I could chat with so many respected individuals. This is very interesting technology group as well as the society group.

As Susanna has already explained why solar is not a pure technology, but also very impactful for our daily life almost to everyone.


Before I’m going to share some of my experience, I would like to introduce myself in a very brief description of my life. I came to the US almost forty years for now. I just get to retire this month after 32 years career at The Ohio State University. My job in the last 32 years was to instruct talented individual graduate students doing so-called training education to them. But on the other hands, working as a team on those challenging research projects.…Many projects have been done. Many so-called achievements have been obtained. This is really a teamwork. I’m just acting to get people together working at the same direction and working on many things we are dreaming to do.

Global Winner of the Prestigious IEEE Nikola Tesla Award

I want to say that Nicola Tesla award is not something I planned. I won one as the result comes to me, as an encouragement not only to myself but also my team. My team worked very hard on the topics. I would like to make use of this opportunity to share a little experience about what I have been done about my career at my university.

#1 Clear Very Inspiring Direction

One of the things I would like to share most is as an individual, if we want to be successful, then you need to have so-called clear, very inspiring direction to work on. That direction has be interesting to yourself or to myself and it has to be innovative, has to beneficial to the whole society. From that point of view, I was so much appreciated Susanna describe her vision on solar. I had worked on solar a little bit. I worked on renewable energy wind power, I worked on the electric vehicles, electrified vehicles, including airplanes, ocean boats/vessels. Why I worked on these, I have a clear direction. I want to make things in the whole world cleaner, very beneficial to us, this generation and generations to come. The clear direction that is interesting to self and beneficial to the society in one of the things really what we need to set as our goal.

#2 Determination

The second one is I felt what I did was so called determination. You set determination. You said this is what I want to do, I want to do it my whole life, I’m not going to be tired of it. I want to do the best way I could. So determination is something important. Now looking back more than 40 years in my career. It is the big if not the biggest factors that make my life interesting and rewarding.

# Persistence

Third one is I think is persistence. Persistence is so much importance. Nothing like you walk along the way, nothing is to be flat and nothing is going to be straightforward. You walk at back and forth. These types of setbacks sometimes you could say these failures. Nothing you shall stop or be stopped by these things. So much important! Only when you experience long enough, you could realize persistence make you the way you want to be. In term of the solar things, I think Susanna said exactly right. I recalled when I was working on the wind energy. In the solar things, Susanna said exactly right. When I worked on the wind energy, I thought it was the one important thing to work. I worked with many wind manufacturing vendors. Many were in California many years ago. About 30 years ago, I was awarded national science innovation young technology investigator award to work on this which science community supported. But the big oil industry make our lives so miserable. I saw these many small companies bankrupted one after another. Only after about 20 years later, it comes back.

Future of Solar

I could say this renewable energy industry including wind and solar is going to be a BIG business. It is going to be beneficial to the the society, not only to one generation but several generations to come. So I’m very much encouraged to be here and see many of you so much dedicated to this.

I wanted to say thank you. I just want to see bright future and bigger and bigger success to everyone.

Best Wishes

I will read a small sentence. I don’t know how many years I have learned this one. I would like to read it.

“You never know what is around the corner. It could be everything. Also it could be nothing. What you are doing is that you keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day when you look back, you see you have already climbed a mountain."

Let’s use that to keep our forward going. Thank you.

Thank you Professor Longya Xu!


Watch Professor Longya Xu's Talk on Enso Circle Space YouTube Video here >>>

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Susanna Enso is an award-winning global solar executive and consultant, founder of Ginlong Solis USA, Board member of SunSpec Alliance, Brand Strategist and Elite Lecturer of Enso Circle Space, Poet of Moon Creek, and Former Management Consultant with Accenture, providing consulting services to Fortune 1000 American Companies etc.

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