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No Longer Learning Proactively

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Hello, I’m Susanna Enso, brand strategist for Enso Circle Space.

I am happy to share 1st Common Mistake video of “7 Common Mistakes that Keep You From Shining Your Best Light”. This video series will give you a deep dive of seven common mistakes on solar education and how to turn them around to shine your best light in solar!

I learned them from my personal experience after many years of trials and errors. Hope you may resonate with some of them…

Mistake #1: No Longer Learning Proactively

We could easily find reasons for not learning, expensive tuitions, long travel distance, time-consuming classes etc.

I used to have very busy schedule, but I wanted to learn. So I found a new way called “bite-size” mobile learning.

For example, I listen to the course recordings while jogging in the woods; I watch the course on my iPhone while waiting for the plane to arrive; I read a few pages of the book while waiting for a friend at Starbucks etc. There is great payback for this bite-size mobile learning from my personal experience.