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The Single Most Important Question Asked by Solar Elite - Mr. Michael Grasso

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

I invited several solar friends to ask their Single Most Important Question in solar.

Here is one from Mr. Michael Grasso, Transformational Leader, SVP and Chief Marketing & Growth Officer of Sunnova and Sunrun prior.

My answer to Mr. Michael Grasso’s Most Important Question is to Ask More Questions.

I hope you will ponder over Mr. Michael Grasso’s Single Most Important Question in Solar

I hope you will ponder over my Most Important Questions in Solar.

I hope you will ponder over your own Most Important Questions in Solar.

I hope more people will ask their own Most Important Questions in Solar.

So, we will all seek the creative solutions, in our little corner of the world.

And we will put the pieces of the puzzle together collaboratively, with imagination…

Let me start first…

I got to ask two simple Most Important Questions, to leave a Sustainable World, an answer to Michael’s question.

1. How can we deliver more affordable quality solar solutions to people, in comparison with other competing energy sources?

I ponder over my first Most Important Question, wearing my hat of international strategic sourcing consultant. I look at the whole solar industry curiously from money $$$ perspective, or from the total cost of ownership of a solar solution if using a consulting jargon.

Let’s look at a Sunrun illustration.

I could breakdown my Most Important Question to the next layer smaller Most Important Questions:

  • How could we produce more affordable quality Solar Equipment to people?

  • How could we reduce Solar Installation & Permits cost?

  • How could we lower Service Operation cost?

Let’s look at another Sunrun illustration.

  • How could we reduce selling cost while achieving the same business financial goals or better?

  • How could we reduce General & Administrative expenses (SG&A cost such as rent, salaries, advertising and marketing expenses etc.) while achieving the same business financial goals or better?

  • Each of these smaller Most Important Questions could be broken down further, on and on…


SG&A topic leads to my 2nd Most Important Question.

2. How do we let people know we deliver more affordable quality solutions to them, in a more affordable way?

Enjoy this “tongue twister”.

“There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know.”

- Donald Rumsfeld If people don’t know quality solar solution exist and it is more affordable compared with other energy sources, they will not use solar solution in their little world.

I have seen huge shift in marketing approach. Digital platforms are truly global. Good content is enjoyed anywhere in the world at lightening speed. We might have an answer here.

Welcome to share your thoughts with us. Thank you!


About Author

Susanna Enso is an award-winning global solar executive and consultant, founder of Ginlong Solis USA, Board member of SunSpec Alliance, Brand Strategist and Elite Lecturer of Enso Circle Space, Poet of Moon Creek, and Former Management Consultant with Accenture, providing consulting services to Fortune 1000 American Companies etc.

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