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Speaking on Strategic Collaborations at NAWBO Columbus

Honored to speak at NAWBO Columbus annual Good to Great event.

My topic is Strategic Partnerships, based on my years of experience as an experienced management consultant and solar entrepreneur. Interestingly, I gained unique perspectives from seating on both sides of negotiation table, from big giant corporations and from a small business boutique management consulting firm.

Strategic partnerships are a topic of great personal and professional significance.  With my extensive background as a strategic sourcing professional, having worked with a top management consulting firm, I have seen firsthand the profound impact these partnerships can have on business success. They are not just contracts or agreements; they represent a symbiotic relationship that can enhance innovation, drive efficiency, and foster sustainable growth. Strategic partnerships are crucial for navigating the complex and fast-paced business environment of today. They offer a means to leverage strengths, share risks, and capitalize on opportunities, which is essential for any business looking to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

Learning Objectives:

·       Understanding the Value and Impact of Strategic Partnerships: Participants will learn the fundamental importance of strategic partnerships in the modern business landscape. 

·       Developing and Managing Effective Strategic Partnerships: Attendees with be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to identify potential strategic partners, and manage these relationships over time.

·       Transitioning from Traditional Sourcing to Strategic Collaboration: Attendees will explore the transition from traditional outsourcing models to more integrated and strategic forms of collaboration.

I also shared three interesting common mistakes :

Do what you should not be doing.

Do not do what you should be doing.

Do nothing. Nothing gets achieved. 

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