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Small and Beautiful in Solar

A solar friend asked me in last webinar, “How to accelerate solar mass adoptions in my country?”.

It is a very big question. It really depends. It depends on which solar stage your country is in right now. If you know the stage of your solar industry in your country, you could do right things. It would be nice if you have a chance to watch the stage plays of the U.S. solar industry. Then you may learn fast, and you may avoid costly mistakes… If you missed my last webinar, I want to invite you to join me on Nov. 30th Wednesday for a refreshed Solar Ready for Mass Adoptions (5) free live webinar: I will share the Three Solar Mega Trends and Four Stages of Solar Industry from a thoughtful feminine solar entrepreneur perspective. Asking questions is a great way of exploring the solutions. So you will hear some of my questions. Probably you will hear some questions you whispered to yourself in silence…

Register Here “This is the best solar knowledge and guidance provided" – Ravi "The event was really amazing and really appreciate your effort." - Ayesha "I got a lot of knowledge and Information from the Webinar." - Hasnain

Solar Ready for Mass Adoptions is a beautiful and exciting Opening of my series of Small and Beautiful Solar Business Courses:
  • You will gain new insights, seeing your businesses in a whole new light.

  • You will walk alongside with me bringing the business principles to live with personal stories.

  • You will have practical tools to apply in your own businesses etc.

I invite you to join 7 Common Reasons for Insourcing, scheduled at 11am EST, Dec. 1, 2022, Thursday. At different stages of my life, I also tried to experience different things. There were days I was a management consultant specialized in outsourcing. There were days I was a solar entrepreneur using outsourcing to improve operation efficiencies. Now I’m a transformational solar educator to help accelerate solar mass adoptions. I want to share what I have earned with from the lessons I learned at outsourcing and insourcing. I want to share what I have learned from building a Small and Beautiful award-winning solar business at this live webinar course. Sign up Here.


Susanna Enso

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