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Peace of Mind. Solar?

Happy Friday!

I’m happy to offer four (4) courses on Enso Circle Space 360 degree global solar education apace, and more to come…

Enso Guided Daily Meditation

I often worked in the very stressful business environment, I developed this short 10-minutes meditation to bring me quickly to the peace of mind, to listen to my inner voice and to keep the positive energy flowing throughout day. It may help you too. I offer this course for free.

7 Common Mistakes in Solar Education

I spent the last 10 years working and learning solar in U.S. I made many mistakes. During pandemic, I reflected on them and decided to share with you to help you avoid similar mistakes. It may help you experience a happier solar journey. I offer this course for free.

7 Common Reasons for Insourcing

I has happily led quite a few outsourcing initiatives large and small, global, or local. Until… I lost hundreds of dollars of investment in some recent outsourced operations. I analyzed 7 common reasons to bring the outsourced operations inhouse and make how-to-do-it suggestions. It may help you save the pain from losing your valuable investment. I also offer personal coach in this area for businesses.

7 Stars Global Solar Education Guide

In most times, I walked on the untraveled solar paths. In an A-ha moment, I discovered 7 stars with each star representing a major solar space. Just like in ancient time, the travelers looked up the stars to guide them. I sometimes worked in the solar space I was not a good-fit and I was frustrated. I want to help burst the bubble of your take-for-granted solar space selection, so you will see more stars, so you could shine your own light in your own solar space, so you enjoy an accelerated learning.

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