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Magic of Solar + Happy

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-> Is there a moment, a sweet memory surfaced in your mind. It was the vivid image on the day you encountered Solar, captured by its magic. You could still remember the feeling of happiness. excitement and curiosity… -> But do you even know when this feeling faded away? It may get lost in a number of years, a slow long process… -> Facing the unknowns and big waves of exponential growth of solar, how about bringing that amazing feeling back, to sustain your passion in Solar, but in a New Way? Contrary to what we Normally Believed: Happiness could be Learned. Unlearn is also important for Learning. Learning is not Lonely Experience. In Solar. Or in many aspects of living fully…. We look forward to seeing you soon...Thanks. P.S. Enso Circle Space certificates are available to only Zoom attendees (1 hour), register Zoom here: #solarenergy #oneplanet #sustainability #climatechange #renewableenergy #solareducation #solis #parisagreement #ensocirclespace #susannaenso

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