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Learn from the Best, Why & How? (Free Enso Webinar 12/22)

Over years, I Learned from the Best at Universities, at Accenture Consulting, at Fortune 1000 Global Manufacturers, at Solar Industry… at Work, at Life…

The Best I encountered all have Profound Impacts on my Life, my precious Life…

Long time ago, a speaker at a conference told me that he learned from everyone. He said our life is like the clay, and everyone we encountered left their unique prints on th Life Clay.

So, why not we Consciously Choose to leave the beautiful prints on our life clays?

In the past, we were restricted to live in our little corners of the world. It was not easy to have access the Best, Best Teachers, Best Thought Leaders etc.

But it is no longer the case. There is abundance of knowledge now available anywhere at any time. The problem is that there is too much knowledge, and it is too confusing, and too difficult to choose from…

I want to invite you to join my Free Masterclass "Learn from the Best, Why & How?" on Thursday Dec. 22, 2022,

… before your joyful Holidays

… between your reflection for 2022, and

… between your planning for 2023…

One (1) Hour, Enso Circle Space Certificate available to webinar attendees.

I’ll share Why we learn from the Best, and How? I’ll share My personal journey…

I’ll also share the personal journeys of another Best, our Guest: Jan Rippingale, Founder of Blu Banyan & Great Thought-leader for SunSpec Orange Button Solar Initiatives. She first time shared her heart-touching life journey at Enso Circle Space.

Look forward to seeing you soon.


Honored to received the SunSpec Open Standards Champion Award at SunSpec Alliance Annual Member Conference in Las Vegas...

This week, I made my 10+ minutes short and powerful Enso Guided Daily Meditation Free to Public on our YouTube Channel: I created it after many years of meditation practices learning from the Best. Hope you will enjoy it. Click Here.

Enjoy Joy. Peace. Harmony. at your home and at

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