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Dream Manifestations in Future Civilization

A Chapter in Little Stone Lion business book authored by Susanna Huang

The essence of heart is connected to the Universe.  - Kazuo Inamori

Are you curious about the future of our civilization in the ever-changing world?

Immersing myself in the pages of Mr. Inamori's book "Heart," penned when he was nearly 90 years old, enveloped my heart in a warm glow. He emphasized, "The civilization built by humankind is at a pivotal juncture. From now on, our civilization will transform to make others happier and society better, based on altruism."

I'd like to share a few pearls of wisdom from his book,

·       All achievements find their roots in serving others.

·       The foremost purpose of life lies in cultivating the Noble Heart.

·       The essence of heart resonates with the Universe.

A heart of purity and beauty offers the three enchanting experience:

·       First, see the beautiful dreams painted within your heart to be manifested into reality.

·       Second, hear the “whispers of spirits”, accomplishing tasks once deemed insurmountable.

·       Third, climb the most challenging cliffs, shielded by the benevolent and miraculous force of Universe.

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