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Green Energy Village Magical Solar Storys

This chapter unveils the magical solar journey of my Green Energy Village in the United States, a story that I believe will resonate deeply with you, forward-looking entrepreneurs and business professionals across various industries.

Business is a Soul Awakening Journey, not just a Money Accumulation Journey. – Susanna Enso

Walking toward the security gate inside the Columbus International Airport, my attention was attracted to the big overhead billboard.  A small and lovely bird was projected by the light as the shadow of a big eagle on the giant white wall. 

I learned solar and sustainability at our global management training program in Switzerland with my former employer Mettler Toledo, a Fortune 500 global manufacturer. I was soon attracted by the magic of solar and its profound impact on sustainability to fight climate change for our planet.

Driven by my passion, I took on the solar industry. It was a miraculous experience. A woman-owned and minority-owned small business, Green Energy Village LLC was selected as the Top 10 Solar Energy Technologies Consulting Services Company. We also won the prestigious EuPD Top Brand PV Inverter Award in the United States.

But more questions began to surface in my mind, I reflected and meditated on these questions.

What if the scarcity of energy on earth is just an illusion? There is abundant solar energy.

The Sun is shining unselfishly on Himalaya mountains, on Pacific oceans, on commercial buildings and on our rooftops etc. The Sunshine is everywhere on our planet.

Imagine all the people under the Sun could enjoy solar energy in Joy, Peace and Harmony.

If so, why not all have access to abundant solar energy? I realized it was a perfect time for me to make career move again, like 10 years ago. I started Enso Circle Space educational brand along with Green Energy Village, connecting dots backwards to make new impact.

I observed that getting smaller is one of the mega business trends in this post-pandemic world, like my observation of solar inverter trends, shared in my article on our Eiffel Tower installation. Our future now is filled with uncertainties. It reminded me of the mass extinctions of dinosaurs.

Big businesses face big adption challenge.

Small businesses may have much better chance to survive.

But small is not good enough, be beautiful and power.

Be young David who defeated Giant Goliath. Green Energy Village is a living proof.

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