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Great Products Shine Brand's Light

Feeling the Product is to Feel the Essence of Its Business. – Susanna Huang

In the initial years of our entrepreneurial journey, our exhibition booths attracted few visitors, our products garnered little to no interest, and our sales were little.

Several years ago, the quality issues plagued the solar inverter products of several leading global manufacturers, leading them to withdraw from the United States. The local market suffered from significant after-sales service problems, with frequently unavailable replacement parts and damages to users' solar system earnings.

While the emerging solar industry's reputation was in jeopardy, the solar industry was still struggling to grow.

Top banks and major clients became extremely cautious, initiating a global sourcing for new solar inverter business partners. The once tightly shut doors of the domestic solar market finally opened a narrow crack, and we encountered a rare and invaluable business opportunity.

Many business problems stem from people’s subconscious self-imposed limitations.

If you start by telling yourself that something is impossible, why not become aware of them?

I successfully connected with SolarCity, Sunrun, and VivintSolar, the top three residential solar installers in the United States. Convincing them to allow our relatively unknown company to participate in the inverter supplier evaluation was a challenging task. The three major clients subjected us to a series of rigorous factory inspections and evaluations of our product quality system, setting stringent requirements for product reliability.

Among more than 50 suppliers, we stood out as the sole supplier awarded the businesses.

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