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Enso Circle Space for 3 Groups of Global Solar Professionals

"You can never pay back, but you can always pay forward."

- Woody Hayes, OSU Legendary Football Coach.

A few wise words from a great teacher might have a powerful impact on your life.

Sometimes your Choice is more important than your Effort.

I’m so grateful that I listened to the wise advice from my OSU Fisher MBA Professor “Bud” Lalonde, one of founders of modern global supply chain logistics. He suggested I should find the fast-growing industry and grow myself there for long-term, instead of settling in some high paying dead-end jobs. That was how I started my new career in solar industry which I love and prosper until now.

I Learn. Share. Grow. Contribute. in Solar. You are invited too.

Life is Short, Live Fully Now.

Enso Circle Space on-demand online courses are for three groups of global solar professionals, watch here. Watch this short video to hear...

We want to bring the precious teachings of these elite teachers to your fingertips and assist you to Learn, Grow, Share and Contribute to the solar industry.

Our Elite Teachers:

Susanna Enso is a transformational educator, an award-winning entrepreneur, a recognized global management consultant, and a published poet. Prior to Solar, Susanna Enso was with Accenture -consulting and Mettler Toledo - global Fortune 1000 manufacturer.

Bill Brooks is a renowned educator, independent code and standard expert and writer in Solar industry. He is #1 solar electrical codes and standards expert in the United States.

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