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Eiffel Tower Has a “Noble Heart” - Little Stone Lion

The Intersection of Art and Technologies is Where the Magic Happens. - Susanna Enso

In 2014, the visitor count at the renewable energy exhibition in Paris dropped significantly, but it did not dampen my spirits. After the exhibition, I explored Paris on foot.

As night fell, I found myself sitting on stone steps, gazing at the majestic Eiffel Tower in the distance. I was captivated by its slowly emerging golden glow in the dark night.

The following year, in 2015, I received an email from our New York installer. They informed me that our inverters were installed on the Eiffel Tower by them. I wrote an article “Reaching for the Sky” for it, published on the North American Clean Energy magazine.

As I wrote this chapter, I came across the fact that the Paris Climate Agreement was also released in 2015. At the centre of the Paris Climate Agreement poster stands the Eiffel Tower.

Two seemingly unrelated dots connected in my mind in a flash of insight. In the moment when the Eiffel Tower received a new "heart" in the form of a renewable energy system, it found a new meaning in its precious life, touching people’s hearts and inspiring people to go green, around the world.

Technologies may be cold. The hearts of we, humans, are the warm energy fields, filled with love and compassion, felt by people over mountains, across seas, and through time and space.

Technologies are only the tools we use, but our whole aim is happiness. 

The intersection of Art and Technologies is where the magic happens. I start the pursuing in business.

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