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Discover Serenity: Time for Tea in Your Busy Life

Have you ever experienced a traditional Tea Ceremony? It’s unlike drinking tea at home or at Starbucks. A Tea Ceremony is a unique experience, especially amidst the tranquility of Moon Creek.


The tea leaves are sourced from ancient trees, carrying the blessing energy of Mother Earth. Our tea master, Byron, from German, a doctor, and a passionate tea lover who sources his teas from around the world.


The ceremony is an art of meditation, a tea meditation, where words are unnecessary. It's all about tasting tea presented with traditional elegance.


Byron is back to Moon Creek to present his art of Tea Ceremony.



- Lori, Real Estate Agent in City of Powell


In-person: Space is Limited to only Five (5) People.Cost: Free, $30+ Donations are welcomed.More info at our website:


You're welcome to message us if you will join in person.

Instagram: @MoonCreekZenResort


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