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7 Common Mistakes That Keep You From Shining Your Best Light


Many people invested heavily on educations, to be exact, on the formal educations even at the cost of taking expensive student loans. However, as we grow older, the family chaos and daily work responsibilities slowly occupied our precious time. How many people chose to relax into the entertainment vs. studying? Not a few, I think. We could easily find numerous reasons for not learning anymore, for example, expensive tuitions, long travel distance, time-consuming classes etc. Our brains are very smart to support our points, right or wrong.

But were you ever curious about how the other people could continue to learn and grow despite living in the similar situations? How could we also enjoy long fulfilling and financial-rewarding careers?

I used to have very busy schedule and travel a lot, but I wanted to learn as a life-time learner. I was searching for new ways of learning to fit into my lifestyle. What I found is called “bite-size” learning. Instead of delivering training over a continuous course, we break it into bite-size chunks so learners can easily fit into a vacant time slot in their busy daily schedule. Interesting work by Dr. Paul Kelley has shown that intense 20-minute bursts of study, separated by 10-minute breaks, can yield better long-term memory retention than longer, continuous periods of study.

Here are some examples of my bite-site learning experience. I listen to the course recordings while jogging in the woods and only say hi to my neighbors; I watch the course on my Apple smartphone whiling waiting for the plane to arrive; I read a few pages of the book while waiting for a friend at the coffee shop etc. It is time for us to “learn how to learn”. I have seen the great payback for this approach from my personal experience. The bite-size learning is a more effective way of learning in the modern age.

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About Author

Susanna Enso is an award-winning global solar executive and consultant, founder of Ginlong Solis USA, Board member of SunSpec Alliance, Brand Strategist and Elite Lecturer of Enso Circle Space, Poet of Moon Creek, and Former Management Consultant with Accenture, providing consulting services to Fortune 1000 American Companies etc.

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