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Brand Built in Every Action - Little Stone Lion

I believe that Brand is everything we do in business. Let's start by discussing Brand within the Enso's Inner House of Business Framework, although many often prioritize other aspects of their businesses.

There are two common assumptions that entrepreneurs make about Brand: Firstly, they believe that focusing on making money for survival should take precedence over Brand, and secondly, they perceive growing a Brand as a costly endeavour that requires significant time and resources.

However, in my own journey as an entrepreneur, I've come to realize the significance of the Brand, setting the underlying tone for the business, and influencing various dimensions of the Enso's Inner House of Business Framework. For instance, Brand impacts product offerings, sales strategies, service provision, marketing approaches, organizational development, and personal growth as an entrepreneur. 

Understanding the importance of Brand came to me in a rather interesting way.

Starting Green Energy Village, a management consulting business in solar, with nothing more than a laptop and a vision, I aspired to build a top solar Brand from day one. Years later, our dedication and efforts were recognized when we received a prestigious top Brand award.

Allow me to recount a critical moment from our journey.

During my first solar exhibition at Solar Power International, the largest solar tradeshow in North America, I found myself alone in assembling our booth at the last minute as my colleague could not come due to unforeseeable reason. It was a time-consuming task, and by the time I finished, it was already late into the night. As I looked around the vast and empty exhibition hall, fear crept in. However, the next morning brought a renewed sense of hope as the exhibition hall filled with beautiful booths and numerous visitors. Yet very few stopped by our booth. After all, why would they come to visit an unknown brand like ours? Not to mention purchasing from us.

However, luck was on our side in 2015 when we partnered with renowned solar companies such as SolarCity/Tesla, Sunrun, Flex, and IUSA. A few years later, we were awarded the prestigious Top 10 Solar Energy Technology Consulting Service Company and received the EuPD Research Top Solar Inverter Brand Seal, despite being the smallest business among industry giants. Our strategy of cultivating a Zen-inspired Brand from day one came to fruition.

In the following chapters, I will delve deeper into this unique branding strategy and illustrate how it can transform your business.

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