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7 Stars - NABCEP Certified Solar Courses Intro

When I was at Paris attending Sustainable Blockchain Summit, I had a strong feeling that we are facing a new unknown world, listening to the talks.

Henry Ford once said, “Why is it that I always get a whole person when all I want is a pair of hands?".

But now and in the future, a whole person might be wanted.

We work. We live. We want to work to live a happier life

We may experience changes in two ways. I could be forced to change from outside and it may not a comfortable experience. Or I could change from inside and such personal transformation may be a much smoother sail.

During the pandemic, I reflected on my last 10 years of solar experience in the U.S. In an A-ha moment, I discovered our unique Enso Circle Space 7 Stars Global Solar Education Guide. Each star represents a solar space and 7 stars are impacting each other.

"Do I really work in my genius zone?" I began to ask this question. I realized that only when I work in my genius zone, I achieve great result with less effort. How about you also look up at the 7 stars representing 7 solar spaces and ask yourself the question, "Do I really work in my genius zone?"...

I invite you to join our free webinar: 7 Stars: NABCEP Certified Solar Courses Introduction by Bill Brooks and Susanna Enso. Bill Brooks shines brightly in some solar spaces…

P.S. People who join this webinar will receive limit-time offer for our online courses.

Click here to join our free webinar.


Susanna Enso

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