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Enso Guided Daily Meditation

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Elite Lecturer: Susanna Enso Practicing daily meditation guided by Enso will help you become more aware of your inner power, less affected by stress, leading the heightened wellness in every aspect of your life and making room for goodness and light to come pouring in. Certifications upon Completion: - Enso Circle Space Certificate Issued by Enso - Enso Star Badge Bonus to Online Course Participants: - Private Classroom Group - Free Access to Enso Circle Tribes Knowledgebase. *Certain Conditions Apply. *** Most Recent Review *** Absolutely lovely! I sat at my desk and just experienced your (Enso) guided meditation. Your voice is soothing and little did you know I needed this today! Thank you for such a lovely gift!! Two thumbs up! - Carol Ann Wentworth, CEO I Speaker I Author, Mindful Executive Search *** About Lecturer *** Susanna Qiang Huang is a transformational educator, an award-winning entrepreneur, a recognized global management consultant, and a published poet. Founder of Green Energy Village LLC, awarded with one of top 10 Solar Energy Technology Consulting/Services companies in the United States and awarded with prestige EuPD Research Top Brand Seal in the United States. Founder of Enso Circle Space, a 360° global solar education platform. Board member of SunSpec Alliance. Growing up in China and living in U.S., she is a rare combination of East meeting West.



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Enso Guided Daily Meditation - Enso

Enso Guided Daily Meditation - Enso

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