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Thank you for registering our "7 Stars Solar Education Guide" by Enso.

This course provides a 360° education guide for global solar professionals. Aiming at the 7 main areas in global solar education. Naming the 7 areas as 7 stars, it’s put for easier learning brilliantly.

Simple & Amazing!


It was born after Susanna Enso spent the last 10 years on exploring the muddy trails of the solar industry with many twists and turns, she reached an Aha moment. 

Susanna Enso is an award-winning global solar executive and consultant, founder of Ginlong Solis USA (Prestigious EuPD Top Brand Award Winner in United States), Board member of SunSpec Alliance (#1 Distributed Generation Information Standards Organization in United States) , Brand Strategist and Elite Lecturer of Enso Circle Space, Poet of Moon Creek, and Former Management Consultant with Accenture, providing consulting services to Fortune 1000 American Companies etc.

Susanna Enso brings very high integrity, intelligence, motivation and above all transparency to business partnerships, which makes doing business with her, a rare pleasure.


Ian Smith, former VP Global Product / CPO of Flex and SunEdison

You will receive the following upon completion:

- Enso Circle Space Certificate Issued by Susanna Enso

- Enso Star Badge

BONUS for online course students:

- Private Study Group Access

We are excited you joined us. 

We will be with you to Learn from the best.

Share with your peers. 

Grow in nurturing environment.

Contribute to local communities.


Such a wonderful course by Bill Brooks. This is a great lesson for learning about residential energy storage in general. I applaud Bill’s style, he gives it to you straight.

Michael Allen, Product Engineer

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