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Prize - 7 Most Important Questions
of Solar Inverters 

Thank You

Enso is excitedly to invite you to participate the Prize for 7 Most Important Questions about Solar Inverters


It only takes 3-Easy-Steps and a few minutes of your precious time to participate and win the nice prize, first of its kind in solar industry.

Step-1: learn & think

Step-2: chat & share

Step-3: vote & prize


Enso wants to explain the rules of the “game” in details below. Read on…

“A problem well stated is a problem half-solved.”

Charles F. Kettering,  an American inventor, engineer, businessman, and the holder of 186 patents, an Ohioan and The Ohio State University Alumni.

Step-1: learn & think

Solar inverters are the hearts of the solar systems which bring light to people all over the world.


We recommend 3 ways to learn about solar inverters,


1. Google search on internet

You could find lots of information on solar inverters there. But it is not easy to find the precious shells in the ocean of such information. It is time consuming too.


2. Take courses on solar inverters

Many probably have not yet taken solar inverter courses as you are new to the solar industry or new to the solar inverters. We offer affordable online courses taught by world-class lecturers, such as Bill Brooks, a renowned solar code and standard expert who trained well over 15,000 solar professionals throughout the United States and aboard. However, we know there are probably more topics you may want to learn.


3. Self-study on Solis knowledgebase

Solis knowledgebase on its service portal has amazingly over one million views since it was launched about 4 years ago. You could easily find many professional articles written over years by solar inverter experts who have years of experiences. It is open to public for global solar professionals. It is the generous contribution of Solis Inverters our sister brand to the global solar community.

Click link:


Enso recommends that you find a quiet place to think deeply about your most important questions about solar inverters which will help your personal development in solar industry.  We will bring these questions to the world-class solar inverters experts to answer them for you. 

Step-2: chat & share

Enso invites you to chat with our friendly and knowledgeable associates at Enso Circle Space. You could find Chat button at the bottom right of the website  You’ll be asked to provide your name and email, and share your most important questions on solar inverters. You could share one or as many as you wish. Feel free to chat and share with us at any time.   We are gathering all your questions to prepare for Step-3.

Step-3: vote & prize

Enso will invite you to vote on our collected questions on Enso Circle Space website.  Our judges will select the 7 most important questions about solar inverters winners based on the public vote result and our professional knowledge. The prize will be announced on Thursday June 16th, 2022.

The 7 winners will receive the following prize (valued at ~$180):

  • Enso Circle Space Award Certificate

  • 3 free online classes from Enso Circle Space (or one course could be replaced by $25 Amazon card)

  • 3 free digital poster downloads from Enso Circle Space Art Gallery

And mentions on Enso Circle Space website (permanent) and social media platforms

All the friends who participated Step-2 Chat & Share with us will receive the gifts too:

  • 3 free digital poster downloads from Enso Circle Space Art3 free digital poster downloads from Enso Circle Space Art Gallery

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Such a wonderful course by Bill Brooks. This is a great lesson for learning about residential energy storage in general. I applaud Bill’s style, he gives it to you straight.

Michael Allen, Product Engineer

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