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Moon Creek
Zen Resort Retreat

Exclusive. Immersive. Transformative.

Mentoring from World Top Zen Meditation Masters
Private Business VIP Retreat
with Khenpo Karma Tenkyong & Susanna Huang
& Marci Shimoff (tbd)
Wealth. Health. Happiness.
May 2nd to May 4th, 2024 in Dublin Ohio, United States
Up to 10 individuals will qualify for this private business VIP client experience.  
Will YOU be one of them?
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About Us

Make 2024 the Year Everything Transformed

Join me, Marci and Khenpo for three transformative days in Dublin, Ohio, my hometown and home of golf, this May and get the one-on-one private Zen Meditation and Business mentorship you need from the world top Zen Meditation Masters to gain Clarify, Focus and Creativity, with Health, Wealth, Happiness intertwined in Your Life and Business.

Susanna Huang

Harness the Power of Reality Distortion Field in Your Business.

Are these what you're experiencing?

You might find yourself on a plateau in your business, grappling with how to shatter the obstacles impeding your journey towards greater accomplishments.


Perhaps life is steering you toward uncharted territories, or a new vision is taking root within, yet the path forward remains veiled, lacking the support to make it a reality.

Perhaps you're enjoying financial success, but that spark of passion for your work has faded. Is there a void in your professional life that your inner self longs to fill?


Or maybe your quest is simpler – a pursuit of increased happiness, vitality, and a renewed sense of purpose in your business and existence.


No matter the aspiration, Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat can guide you in discovering the missing pieces and kindle a transformation that encompasses health, wealth, and happiness in your life and business. 

Business Meeting
Let Us Guide You on a Personal Journey Towards the Harmonious Integration of
Wealth. Health. Happiness. 
Meditation in a forest

Exclusively mentored by World Top Zen Meditation Business Masters

Embark on a symphony of transformation, where wealth, health, and happiness unite in harmonious resonance within your life and business.


Cast aside the mundane and journey with us to the Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat, a haven of visionary seekers ready to ascend to greater purpose and significance.

Over the course of thee immersive days, Marci, Khenpo and Susanna shall stand as your Zen Meditation guides, illuminating the path to your inner radiance. As we traverse this landscape of awakening, let the sparks of passion rekindle, infusing each moment with joy, peace, and harmony.


Picture the wisdom distilled from a World Top Expert on Happiness and Unconditional Love, Great Zen Meditation Master,  and the Transformative Essence of a Zen-inspired top global business entrepreneur. These luminaries shall share their insights, their stories etched with the ink of triumph over challenges, the symphonies of wisdom resonating across diverse industries.


As we tread this path of evolution, recall that true success thrives in the poetic dance between work and life, where the rhythm of one enriches the cadence of the other.

Become the beacons that sparks change, casting ripples that touch lives. Join us in this sanctuary, nestled within the embrace of Moon Creek Zen Resort, where whispers of tranquility meld with the echoes of your aspirations, and the symphony of your destiny unfolds against the backdrop of a serene world class PGA golf course designed by golf legend Golden Bear in Dublin Muirfield Village.

Zen Meditation is open to ALL, embracing people from every background, irrespective of religion, gender, nationality, race, or any differences. At Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat, our focus is on unity and our interconnections, we aspired to create a space where everyone can find peace and transformation.

Does This Whisper Resonate within You?


"I hold grand visions, yet the sands of time slip through my fingers, leaving dreams unattended."


“Amidst the relentless tides of corporate demands, I sense the spark of my aspirations dimming, hidden beneath the weight of routine.”


“Like a star obscured by daylight, my potential beckons from behind the veil of busyness, yearning for its moment in the spotlight.”


“As a captain steering a ship through uncharted waters, I feel the gusts of change tugging at the sails of my destiny, urging me to chart a new course.”


“My dreams are like a song waiting to be heard, but they often get lost in the noise of everyday tasks that keep piling up.”

Enter the realm of wisdom with Marci Shimoff, Khenpo Karma Tenkyong, and Susanna Huang at the Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat, a profound 3-day immersive experience that promises to transform your existence.

You, accompanied by a small group of select circle of triumphant trailblazers, will bask in the radiance of our enlightened guidance.


The symphony of our insights, Marci's Transformative Prowess, Khenpo's Zen Meditation Mastery, and Susanna's Strategic Brilliance will weave a tapestry of empowerment.

Having walked the paths of challenge and triumph, we comprehend your journey intimately. We are poised to be your allies in surmounting your obstacles and soaring to a realm of unrivaled performance in both life and business.

Within the embrace of our intimate gathering, we shall ignite your passion and purpose to unparalleled heights, sculpting a destiny that resonates with your soul's yearning, creating rippling effects to people.

People During Workshop

Gain Exclusive Wisdom from Pioneers of Transformation

Best of All, You will Have Exclusive. Immersive. Transformative. Experience
 amid the rolling serenity of Dublin, Ohio,
Moon Creek Zen Resort weaves its embrace, offering an intimate haven
in the heart of a world-class PGA Golf Course.


Golf Course Aerial Shot

It is a Grand Leap toward the Life Your Dreams have Whispered.

Woman in a Red Dress

Elena Imagined

"Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat is a celestial journey where my spirit found its symphony. The harmonious blend of wisdom, nature's embrace, and profound teachings by luminous guides like Marci, Khenpo and Susanna created an orchestra of transformation within me."

TV Reporter

Maya Imagined

"Stepping into the Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat was akin to entering a sacred realm where time danced to the rhythm of enlightenment. The teachings of Marci, Khenpo and Susanna awakened a deeper understanding of my journey, infusing every step with purpose." 

Man with Crossed Arms

David Imagined

"In the tranquil embrace of Moon Creek Zen Resort, I uncovered a profound shift within. The wisdom shared by Marci, Khenpo and Susanna is a melody that resonates with purpose, guiding me towards a life of abundant meaning."

Smiling Woman

Sophia Imagined

"Enveloped by the serenity of Moon Creek Zen Resort, I embarked on an odyssey of self-discovery, guided by the radiant wisdom of Marci, Khenpo and Susanna. Their teachings are an elixir that unveiled the path to a life imbued with harmony and depth."

Smiling Middle Aged Woman

Lisa Imagined

"Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat offered me a sanctuary where the symphony of my soul harmonized with the teachings of Marci, Khenpo and Susanna. Their insights gently stirred my consciousness, propelling me towards a life of profound fulfillment." 

Man with Tattoo

Benjamin Imagined

"Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat was a tapestry woven with threads of inspiration, insight, and transformation. Under the guidance of Marci, Khenpo and Susanna, my heart opened to new vistas of possibility, and my soul found resonance with its purpose."

Here's What You'll Achieve During This Transformative 3-Day Retreat

Here's What You'll Achieve During this Transformative 3-Day Retreat

Soul Symphony

Immerse in a transformative journey that orchestrates the harmony of your inner being with the guidance of luminaries, resonating with profound happiness and purpose.

Enlightened Leadership

Elevate your leadership prowess through personalized mentoring, unveiling the art of success infused with principles from Enso's Inner House of Business Framework and Zen meditation techniques.

Peaceful Getaway

Find solace in the exclusive embrace of Moon Creek Zen Resort, a haven nestled amidst the serenity of world-class PGA golf course in Muirfield Village, where you'll encounter a sanctuary of privacy and tranquility.

Mindful Illumination

Tailored Zen meditation and mindfulness programs curated to align with your goals and aspirations, fostering a deeper connection to your inner compass.

Opulent Awakening

Luxuriate in opulent accommodations and amenities that harmonize relaxation, and wellness, including serene outdoor decks, cocooning you in sumptuous serenity.


Catalyst for Change

Experience a retreat with a purpose beyond self, as Moon Creek Zen Resort's commitment to environmental impact empowers you to cultivate a legacy of transformative change through sustainable practices.

Our Aim is to Kindle Your Inner Wisdom in Business.

Here's What Our Time Together Will Look Like


Morning: Zen Meditation

Afternoon: Zen Business

Evening: Golf Lessions



Morning: Zen Meditation

Afternoon: Zen Happiness



Morning: Zen Meditation

Afternoon: Zen Happiness


Conversation between Colleagues
One On One

by Marci, Khenpo, and Susanna

Crafted with intention, our agenda carves out moments for connection and personalized guidance. From intimate one-on-one sessions to shared meals, golf lessons, and dinners, a wealth of chances emerges for you to engage with us and meditate on your own. Whether you seek to refine ideas or surmount obstacles on your path to realizing your vision, we're here to support you at every turn.

Woman with Camel Jacket

Mary Imagined

"In the embrace of Moon Creek Zen Resort, I found not just a retreat, but a transformational journey unlike any other. Marci Shimoff's transformative wisdom, Khenpo's Zen mastery and Susanna's business acumen converged to sculpt an experience that resonates deep within. The Zen immersion amidst the PGA Golf Course's serenity unearthed clarity I didn't know I sought. With each tailored session, I felt my leadership skills elevate, my purpose crystallize, and my connection to life rejuvenate. This haven of exclusivity, where luxury and growth intertwine, stands as a testament to their commitment. A symphony of teachings, serenity, and camaraderie — Moon Creek Zen Resort is where my journey found its resonant chord."

Male Portrait

Leon Imagined

"Moon Creek Zen Resort is not just a sanctuary; it's a profound voyage into self-discovery and transcendence. The convergence of Marci, Khenpo and Susanna's expertise is nothing short of magical. Through tailored programs, deep conversations, and the enchanting backdrop of the PGA golf course, I emerged with a heightened sense of purpose and a toolkit for holistic leadership. Amidst luxurious accommodations and tranquil landscapes, this retreat gifted me the space to align my aspirations with my actions, fostering a new level of success and well-being. A transformative experience I'll forever treasure."


Welcome to the
Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat

Exlusive. Immersive. Transformative.

Engage in this transformative journey at the Moon Creek Zen Resort, nestled in the serene embrace of Dublin, Ohio, a destination that echoes with the resonance of mindful growth and holistic prosperity.

As each new day dawns, you'll find yourself immersed in the gentle embrace of our intimate enclave. The tranquil ambiance of the Muirfield Village PGA Golf Course becomes a canvas for your awakening. With each step, the rolling hills, lush fairways, and ancient trees whisper their secrets, inspiring your quest for inner and outer harmony.

Awaken your senses to the dawn of possibilities, where every interaction becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of your aspirations. Our curated programs, guided by Marci Shimoff's transformative principles and Khenpo's Zen Meditation wisdom, and Susanna Enso’s Inner House of Business Framework, become the threads weaving the fabric of your personal and professional evolution.

Within this exclusive haven, under the watchful gaze of Dublin's sky, unveil your inner brilliance during personalized mentoring sessions, group discussions, and moments of contemplation. As the sun rises, our shared journey continues, emboldened by newfound insights and camaraderie.

In the gentle evening hours, as twilight paints the sky with hues of reflection, the Moon Creek Zen Resort becomes a tapestry of illumination. Gather on our outdoor decks and patios, engaging in thought-provoking conversations, inspired by the day's revelations. Amidst the symphony of nature, connect with fellow seekers, basking in the warmth of newfound kinship.

Your voyage through this retreat extends beyond the horizon of transformation; it encompasses the dance of mind and heart, spirit and world. Let the landscape, lessons, and luminous connections sculpt your journey, as you forge your legacy amidst the harmonious currents of Moon Creek Zen Resort.

And Then There's US - YOUR HOSTS:

Marci Shimoff #1 New York Best Selling Author and Transformational Leader TBD In-person or Webinar

Khenpo Karma Tenkyong
Meet Your Spiritual Guide and Zen Meditation Master

Allow me to introduce you to a truly remarkable individual who will be an integral part of your transformative journey at the Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat. Khenpo Karma Tenkyong, a Monk, a beacon of wisdom and compassion, brings a wealth of spiritual insight and Zen meditation expertise to your immersive experience.

Originally coming from Nepal, studied in India, Khenpo has served as the resident teacher in New York Buddhist Meditation Center since 2014. His deep connection with the teachings of Tibet Buddhist Meditation infuses his guidance with authenticity and profound meaning. Khenpo's dynamic approach is underscored by his passion and reverence for the nature and environment.


Through his teachings and activities, he has championed the harmony between our inner journey and the world around us, echoing the principles of Zen Meditation and Mindfulness that our retreat embraces.

In an interview with Buddhistdoor Global, Khenpo shared insights on nurturing wisdom, understanding disruptive emotions, and the vital role of meditation in the modern age. His wisdom-filled responses shed light on how to address emotions like anger and aggression from a perspective of compassion and self-discovery.

Khenpo's teachings empower us to delve into the roots of our emotions, cultivating a profound awareness of their impact not just on others, but on ourselves. With his guidance, we'll learn how to transform disruptive emotions into sources of growth and compassion, thereby enriching our personal and professional lives.

Khenpo's teachings for this retreat are inclusively designed to resonate across all religions and cultures, offering a universal approach to meditation and mindfulness. 

The teaching fees collected for Khenpo's sessions are fully donated to support his Zen Meditation initiatives. This contribution aids in furthering his valuable work in the field of  Zen Meditation.

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Khenpo 3c.jpg

Susanna Huang
Your Personal Guide and Catalyst for Transformation

I'm Susanna, and I am honored to be your host for the Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat. I am here to guide and support you on your journey of personal and professional growth.

Drawing from an extensive background encompassing start-ups to corporate giants, East to West, and technical expertise to creative marketing finesse, my multifaceted approach propels businesses toward remarkable success. My portfolio includes contributions to global leaders like top management consulting firm and world-leading global manufacturers, where I orchestrated transformative projects and crafted impactful strategies.  I'm also the author of Moon Creek Poetry Collection and a business book to be published in 2024.


My academic journey includes a Master of Business Administration from Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University, a Master and Bachelor of Engineering from Top Universities in China. This fusion of Eastern and Western education, combined with my professional accolades, positions me as a dynamic figure who bridges cultures and industries. 

As your host for the Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat, I am committed to guiding you on a journey of profound growth and transformation. Drawing parallels with the esteemed Marci Shimoff, my philosophy merges the Enso's Inner House of Business Framework with Zen Meditation principles, resulting in a harmonious fusion of mindful business practices.

I am convinced that by uniting pragmatic business strategies with the enlightening teachings of Zen Meditation, we can shape a reality that embodies your deepest aspirations.

Throughout our time together at Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat, I will serve as your confidante and collaborator. Together with Marci and Khenpo, I will lead you through transformative Zen experiences and personalized sessions, all designed to embolden you to blaze your trail in the business world while nurturing your well-being.

I am thrilled to embark on this journey of insight, inspiration, and metamorphosis alongside you. Together, we'll navigate uncharted territories and sculpt your path to success with wisdom and grace.

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"A Journey Beyond Imagination – Life-Altering Retreat."

Woman In Hat

"A Journey Beyond Imagination
- Life-Altering Retreat!"

Amy Nguyen, CEO and Innovator, Imagined

Entering the Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat, I anticipated an enriching experience, but what unfolded was beyond my wildest expectations. The nurturing environment and the expert guidance of Marci, Khenpo and Susanna formed a cocoon of transformation. In just three days, I shattered self-limiting beliefs, discovered newfound clarity, and found the courage to take bold strides in my business. With their wisdom resonating within, I embarked on a journey of innovation, propelling my company to unparalleled success. If you're yearning for a breakthrough, this retreat is your bridge to a realm of infinite possibilities.

Male Portrait

"Awakening to Unforeseen Triumphs
- A Gift Beyond Measure"

Ethan Clarke, Visionary Entrepreneur, Imagined

The Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat gifted me an unexpected transformation. As a seasoned entrepreneur, I joined seeking clarity amidst the chaos. The serenity of the resort's landscape was matched only by the profound insights shared by Marci, Khenpo, and Susanna. The tailored sessions, rich with their collective wisdom, led me to unearth untapped potential within myself. Armed with a refined vision, I returned to my business with newfound vigor, leading to exponential growth and international acclaim. This retreat isn't just an investment; it's a testament to the power of the human spirit.

Woman with Arms Crossed

A Symphony of Serenity and Success
- Beyond Words"

Sophia Rodriguez, Trailblazing Executive, Imagined

Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat granted me a symphony of transformation, one that harmonized the tranquility of Zen with the crescendo of success. Under the guidance of Marci, Khenpo, and Susanna, I transcended professional plateaus, birthing innovative strategies that redefined industry norms. The intimate setting fostered connections with fellow leaders, igniting collaborations that have since rewritten the playbook of my career. If you seek a resonant chord of enlightenment and accomplishment, this retreat is the stage where you'll compose your masterpiece.

Young Male

Harmony of Enlightenment and Achievement
- An Unforgettable Journey"

Jonathan Parker, Visionary Entrepreneur, Imagined

Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat became a tapestry of profound transformation, weaving the threads of spiritual enlightenment with the fabric of exceptional achievement. Guided by the wisdom of Marci, Khenpo, and Susanna, I transcended boundaries in my entrepreneurial pursuits, weaving innovation into every endeavor. Amidst the intimate setting, I forged connections with fellow leaders, birthing collaborations that have rewritten my business narrative. If you seek a symphony of inspiration and accomplishment, this retreat is where you'll craft your magnum opus.

Only 6 Invited

Exclusively for a Select Circle of 10 Individuals

The Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat is an exquisite gathering tailored for the discerning few who are ready to embark on a transformative journey. We have thoughtfully crafted this intimate event to provide you with ample one-on-one interactions with us, while fostering a conducive atmosphere for the essential art of masterminding.

This small group of gathering ensures that each individual receives the utmost attention and support, resulting in a truly impactful experience. As spaces are inevitably in high demand, we kindly request you to complete an application prior to registration. Our meticulous review process guarantees a cohort of like-minded individuals committed to personal growth and collective elevation.


To Be Considered for Participation, Fulfill These 4 Essential Criteria:

Embrace All Scheduled Sessions

Engage deeply in our carefully curated workshops, coaching dialogues, transformational sessions, and collaborative brainstorming with our expert team.

Possess a Passion for Impact

Harbour an unyielding desire to not only elevate your own journey but also to captivate, resonate, and inspire others with your message or concept. Your aspiration should extend beyond personal success to positively touch the lives of others.

Cultivate an Open Mind

Be receptive to fresh perspectives on crafting a remarkable existence, uncovering the intrinsic drive to generate prosperity, and sowing the seeds of a global phenomenon. The approaches we unveil may challenge conventions but yield remarkable results.

Dedicate Yourself to Taking Action

Pledge an unwavering commitment to implement the insights and guidance provided. This includes immersing yourself in our transformative processes, engaging in consultative exchanges, and contributing to dynamic brainstorming sessions with our adept team.

As a Cherished Participant in Our Exclusive Retreat, You Shall Be Granted:

Three Immersive Days Guided by Marci, Khenpo and Susanna 

Our presence will be a constant source of guidance and encouragement, filled with wisdom.

An Enchanting Welcome Gathering the Evening Prior to the Retreat

— An occasion to connect with fellow accomplished attendees who will share in this transformative journey.

Wholesome and Delectable Breakfasts and Luncheons Each Day

Nourishing your body while fostering camaraderie and intellectual exchange.

An Enjoyable Group Dinner to Foster Team Camaraderie

— A time for deepening connections and building lasting bonds.

Daily Meditation Sessions

— Infusing your experience with mindfulness and grounding to enhance your journey's depth and resonance.

An Invigorating Golf Lesson at the Golf Club of Dublin

— An opportunity to embrace leisure and sharpen your skills on the green.

Post-Retreat Zoom Video Session with Marci, Khenpo and Susanna

— A continuation of support as you integrate your newfound insights and reflections into your post-retreat life.

Your participation promises an immersive voyage imbued with wisdom, connection, and transformation, poised to spark remarkable growth and empowerment.

Singing Bowl Meditation
And What's the Investment for this Exclusive Immersion Tailored to You?

Wealth. Health. Happiness.

Only $22,200 — Only a small part of the usual investment you'd make for personal sessions with Marci and Susanna separately, and a unique opportunity to be mentored by Khenpo, detached from this extraordinary and meaningful event.

While we could rightfully command a higher value, my aspiration is to ensure that the door is open for anyone committed to shaping an extraordinary life, poised to ripple transformative effects of Zen Meditation  across the world.

If you've ever harbored the desire to bask in our personal presence for a bespoke one-on-one experience—a journey certain to yield transformative shifts through direct mentoring and coaching—this is your moment.

Our retreat's earnings are committed to a cycle of mindful reinvestment. We'll judiciously utilize the revenue for self-funding our ongoing operations and channel a significant portion towards global endeavors in promoting Zen Meditation. Additionally, we are dedicated to contributing to the resolution of the Climate Change Challenge, with a specific focus on supporting solar energy initiatives. Through this approach, we aim to not only sustain our retreat but also to foster positive change on a broader scale.

Embrace Exclusive. Immersive. Transformative. Experience

Golfer hitting golf

This is Your Gateway to Turning Your
Most Audacious Dreams into Tangible Reality.

The transformative journey we embark upon at the Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat is designed for visionary business leaders navigating pivotal life crossroads, seeking to infuse their existence with renewed passion and purpose.

This is the pivotal moment where your boldest vision can transcend into reality. In a world of challenges and uncertainties faced by business leaders today – from navigating economic shifts, climate change challenges, to the complexities of a changing workforce – the Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat emerges as the transformative sanctuary. The immersive experience we offer is designed to guide founders, entrepreneurs, and top business leaders through the maze of modern complexities, providing not just solutions, but a profound sense of peace and purpose.

In the midst of the global landscape described in Harvard Business Review, where managers are urged to address the anxious workforce with empathetic strategies, our retreat takes a holistic approach. We understand the growing importance of mental health, especially for younger generations, and our program integrates Mindfulness Practices, Zen Meditation, and Transformative Happiness coaching to equip leaders with the tools needed to navigate these challenges with grace.

Amid the rise of AI and the shifts in professional roles, the Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat becomes a beacon of empowerment. Our approach isn't just about upskilling; it's about nurturing the individual's inner resilience. We believe that amidst the technological disruptions, the greatest power lies within – the ability to adapt, innovate, and find new purpose even in seemingly unfamiliar terrains.

We invite you to shine in the face of uncertainties. The Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat is your haven to not just weather the storms but to emerge stronger, more attuned, and aligned with your highest potential. Join us in this transformative journey, where inner growth and business prowess merge, setting the stage for your continued success in a dynamically changing world.

Curious About the True Essence of

Look no further than the profound transformations our Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat participants have experienced. Discover the remarkable outcomes achieved by those who have embarked on this immersive journey:

Amplified Personal Revenue: Witness business revenue soar, and witness the ripple effects as participants implement strategies within their organizations that lead to increased employee salaries, satisfactions, and a surge in company profit. 

Balanced Life, Amplified Joy: Experience a paradigm shift in life balance – participants have embraced the power of time off, embarked on well-deserved vacations, and deepened connections with family and friends. The retreat fosters a harmonious integration of personal and professional spheres, ensuring sustained joy and fulfillment.

Innovative Creations: Unleash your creative potential and manifest groundbreaking products. Our participants have birthed diverse innovations, ranging from chart-topping iPhone and iPad applications to Amazon best-selling books.

And Beyond: These are just a glimpse into the transformative results. The Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat cultivates an environment where inner illumination sparks tangible achievements, igniting a chain reaction of success in all areas of life.

White lotus in a lake

Sophia Patel, Imagined
CEO, Echelon Enterprises

"I was skeptical about the impact a retreat could have on my demanding role as a CEO. However, the Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat exceeded my expectations in every way. Marci, Khenpo and Susanna's wisdom transcended traditional business strategies, delving into the realm of mindfulness and self-awareness. The holistic approach they offered not only elevated my business performance but also improved my overall well-being. This retreat is a true testament to the power of aligning purpose, passion, and prosperity."

Woman in Grey Suit

Jessica Lee, Imagined
Serial Entrepreneur and Innovator

: "The Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat is a beacon of possibility for visionary business leaders seeking profound change. Marci, Khenpo, and Susanna create an immersive experience that blends ancient wisdom with modern business acumen. Their guidance, coupled with the serene environment, allowed me to uncover untapped potential within myself and my business. The connections forged during the retreat have become a valuable network of support and collaboration. This retreat is a transformative odyssey that leads to new heights of success."

Professional Male

Michael Williams, Imagined
Founder and CEO, Synergy Solutions

"I had reached a point of burnout and disconnection from my business before I embarked on the Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat. This experience was a lifeline that pulled me out of the rut and propelled me towards transformation. Marci, Khenpo and Susanna's teachings resonated deeply with me, guiding me to reimagine my business strategy and align it with my personal values. The camaraderie I found among fellow attendees further amplified the impact. This retreat is a sanctuary of growth that rekindled my passion and reignited my purpose."

Young Asian Male

Alex Johnson, Imagined
​Founder and CEO, Quantum Innovations

"Attending the Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat was the best decision I've made for both my business and personal growth. Marci,  Khenpo, and Susanna are true luminaries in their fields, and their guidance helped me break through barriers that had held me back for years. The blend of Zen practices and strategic insights was a unique and powerful combination that sparked creative solutions and inspired me to lead with purpose. This retreat is an oasis of transformation that every business leader should experience."

Complete the form on the right to access the Participant Application.

I’ve purposely limited the seats to this retreat to a max of 4, to give everyone a very personal experience. 

Call:  614-323-2357


Yes, Susanna!

I want to be considered as one of the 4 committed people to participate in your Private Moon Creek Zen Resort Retreat in March, 2024.


Flower Bud Petals

Emily Foster

Musician and Singer-Songwriter "Imagined"

"Moon Creek's poetic rhythm harmonizes with my music. It's a wellspring of inspiration for my songwriting."

Leo Johnson

Digital Nomad and Travel Enthusiast "Imagined"

"Susanna Enso's verses take me on a global journey, connecting me to the natural wonders of every place I visit."

Ava Mitchell

Psychology Graduate Student and Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner  "Imagined"

"Moon Creek Poetry delves into the depth of our connection with nature. It's a source of healing and inner balance."

Emily Foster

Musician and Singer-Songwriter "Imagined"

"Moon Creek's poetic rhythm harmonizes with my music. It's a wellspring of inspiration for my songwriting."

Leo Johnson

Digital Nomad and Travel Enthusiast "Imagined"

"Susanna Enso's verses take me on a global journey, connecting me to the natural wonders of every place I visit."

Ava Mitchell

Psychology Graduate Student and Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner  "Imagined"

"Moon Creek Poetry delves into the depth of our connection with nature. It's a source of healing and inner balance."

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