Enso Circle 

Online Tribes

Kids Gardening

CONTRIBUTE to Communities

Planet Earth is getting sick. 

Together we could shed more light

with each other that

we may have own power to heal it.

"Life is not accumulation.

It is about contribution."

GROW in Nurturing Environment

Our members have access to

fresh knowledge 

at your fingertips anywhere anytime

in your chosen tribes.

"Anyone who stops learning is old, 

whether at twenty or eighty."

Cluster of Islands

SHARE with your peers.

The Best Way to Learn is to Teach. 

When you share fresh knowledge of

your expertise with peers globally, 

you could also learn from them. 

"The World is Flat." - Thomas Friedman

LEARN from the elite.

Our lecturers are

thought leaders,

passionate educators,

and successful entrepreneurs.

"What salt is to food,

passion is to teaching"

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Star Cluster

"Enso Guided Daily Meditation"

Absolutely lovely! I sat at my desk and just experienced your (Enso) guided meditation. Your voice is soothing and little did you know I needed this today! Thank you for such a lovely gift!!  Two thumbs up! 

- Carol Ann Wentworth, CEO I Speaker I Author, Mindful Executive Search